About Me

Hi!  I'm Lilli.  It's nice to "meet' you!  :)

My hubby is Nash, though I often call him Daddy, Appa or sometimes Big Meanie!  ;)  And to him I am usually babygirl or kitten or sometimes trouble!  ;)  Yes, he's a DaddyDom and I'm a babygirl.  And ttwd has been a part of our lives for quite awhile now, though our dynamic is ever evolving.  A couple of quick stats in case you're curious: we've been married for 20+ years, most of it quite happily, and we have 2 kiddos.

Another important tidbit ... if you look back through the older posts on this blog you'll read about these people named Grace and Michael.  Confused?  Sorry about that!  You see, I decided to import the posts from an older blog to this blog (unfortunately all the old comments were lost in the transition, boo-hoo).  And on my previous blog Nash and I went by different names.  We're the same people, Grace = Lilli and Michael = Nash and it really is as simple as that.

But, if you really want to find out more about me/us, I suggest you delve into some posts.  Mostly I write about our lives and our relationship dynamic.  Occasionally I may go off on a tangent about something or other.  I can be rather opinionated at times I'm afraid.  And yes, that has gotten me in trouble with Nash ... not for having an opinion, because he values my opinion and input, but rather for the way in which I may sometimes express my opinion.  Ooops.

Anyway, welcome to my blog!  This is me ... us ... the good, the bad, the ugly ... hopefully more good than bad and ugly!  lol  This is just a place I can explore and embrace the parts of who I am, who we are, that I can't really share about elsewhere.  I hope that you'll pop in from time to time, maybe even say hello, leave me a comment, send me an email, let me know about your blog if you have one, etc.  I've made some good friends here in blogland and always enjoy meeting new people.  :)

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