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I've hardly posted anything thus far in 2017 and barely anything personal.  So, I thought for a change, since I have some time to do so, I'd share a bit.  I hope that's okay with you.  I've missed being here ... writing for my own blog ... reading others blogs ... being a part of this little corner of blogland.  I've just plain missed you!

It has been an interesting week for me.  I'm not working as I had to have surgery earlier in the week.  I'm doing well, but will take a little while to fully recover.  I'm not going back to work until after Memorial Day weekend (that means I have next week off too ... for those of you not in the US).  I hope I'm healed up enough by then.  *fingers crossed*  I think I should be.

My family has been stepping up and helping out, doting on me and making sure everything is taken care of, including me.  I'm to the point now where I'm starting to feel just enough better that I'm going to have to be careful not to overdo it.  Yes, I'm already wanting to feel 100%.  Have I mentioned that I'm not so good at being patient (or being a patient)?  (Nash will be nodding his head in agreement when he reads that. lol)

Since starting my new job in January I've been working so much that it's nice to just be home for a bit.  I do like working, but in the past year I've gone from being home full time for many, many years to working part time with a short commute, to working full time with a longer commute.  It has been a challenge at times, that's for sure.  Thankfully our kids are older now.  Our son is in high school (he's doing great) and our daughter is starting college this fall (after a bit of a set back due to some health issues ... she's so excited and we're excited for her). 

I waited for years for Nash to have more home time and now that he does, I'm the one who's gone a lot.  But, him being home more enables me to be gone more.  There are kids and pets and a house and responsibilities that need to be taken care of and one of us has to be around to make sure stuff gets done.  And we're at a point right now where we need the extra income from me working.  It's okay, it has just been an adjustment, a learning curve, for us all. 

I will say that our dynamic has suffered a bit through all the changes ... maybe suffered isn't exactly the right word, it's just changed too.  It has often been a bit more ... subtle, I guess you could say.  There's been things like him drawing me close and holding me tight, grabbing my hand and not letting it go, wrapping his hand around the back of my neck or massaging the front of my neck with his hand wrapped around it.  There's been looks and that tone and certain words used.  But, there really hasn't been much spanking or things like me wearing a butt plug or corner time or that kind of stuff.  Have I missed it?  Yes and no.  Life has been busy and sometimes I'm just tired.  Him drawing me close and whispering something in my ear like that I belong to him or him telling me to stop what I'm doing or whatever can definitely fulfill that longing for domination at times.  Sometimes I do long for a bit more, and there have been times when more has been supplied, but overall I think things are good.  Yes, perhaps the highs aren't as high often times right now, but the lows also aren't so low.  And that's not a bad thing at all. 

I think we're still figuring out how to adjust our dynamic to our current circumstances.  We were too busy trying to figure out how to juggle new jobs/schedules with other responsibilities (home, kids, pets, church, etc.) for awhile.  I mean, for the first month of my new job I was just plain tired trying to adjust to my new schedule and juggle everything.  And when I go back to work I'll be starting a new position, so while the hours/commute will be the same, it will be another adjustment, learning another new position.  It's okay, I like to learn new things.  I'm more excited than nervous, though of course there are some nerves too. 

The past year has been a lot of change and there's more on the horizon.  But, thankfully things overall seem to be getting better and better.  God is good and has helped our family through some rough times in the past few years.  I'm very thankful for that and in general just so grateful.


  1. Loved hearing your update, Lilli! Hope you recover quickly and things slow down a bit for you. I get the craziness is hard to cope with at times, but God is good and gives us just what we need when we need it. Hang in there.

    1. Hi Baker! Thanks! Things will slow down while I recover, but after that all bets are off. lol Things really are good overall. :)

  2. Lilli, so sorry things have been difficult for you, I hope everything comes right for you soon.
    Love the new look of your blog, amazing makeover.
    Rosie xx

    1. Hi Rosie! Have I given the impression that things aren't going well? Oh dear. That's not really what I meant to convey. Things have actually gotten much better in many ways and I'm feeling quite blessed. Sorry, if that didn't come across. Thanks for the compliment on the blog makeover! I'm glad you like it! :)

  3. Hi Lilli, Thank you for the update, so great to see you here :) Gosh, you have had a bit to deal with! So glad you are feeling better, please take care of yourself and don't overdo things. Patience is hard I know. Glad the family have been rallying and taking care of things, and most importantly, taking care of you.

    Sounds as though ttwd, while different right now is still very much there. It certainly does ebb and flow and change as circumstances change.


    1. Hi Roz! Thanks, it's lovely to be here! Yes, it certainly does ebb and flow over time and changes as circumstances change ... as does, well, most everything in life! Why should ttwd be any different, right? ;)

  4. Aww Lilli it was so fantastic getting an update from you. I hope you rest up well, yes rest missy!
    I have missed you so much and glad you missed us ;)
    I think you are doing excellent with working at your new full time job from being at home. That's a massive adjustment. I'm sure God will teach you the patience you need with that hunnie. He is certainly guiding you!
    Please try and enjoy your time off and rest up!
    (Lots of hugs)

    1. Hi Daisy! Rest? Rest? What is that again? lol Just kidding! Unfortunately at the moment I have little choice as that's what my body needs right now. That's okay, I'm sure I'll be going at warp speed again soon enough.
      You're right, it has been a big adjustment. God is definitely guiding me, of that I have no doubt! (((hugs)))


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