Spanking - It Just Works

I was in a bit of an emotional state.  I never got the song I shared about in my previous post Music & Emotions out of my head and I never truly shed the emotions that it had stirred up either.  I had tried, and would even momentarily succeed, if only a bit.  But the truth is that there was just a pervasive sense of sadness about me all day yesterday.

By the time Nash got home, I really needed his help to get out of my funk, though I didn't consciously realize it.  When he went upstairs to change out of his work clothes I followed him.  We were being playful and I slapped the flesh on the inside of his upper arm ... more than once.  Yes.  You read that right.

As you can imagine, that behavior landed me otk.  He was sitting on the bed and started spanking with my yoga pants that I'd changed into earlier still pulled up, but that didn't last very long before he pulled them down revealing my already pinkening cheeks.  Bonus for him, I don't generally wear panties with yoga pants.  No worries, I really only wear yoga pants at home, so it's not like I'm out and about without underwear on.  I remember briefly hoping that the kids wouldn't overhear anything, since they were both home, but soon enough that thought was lost as all my concentration was focused on the continuous swats to my bare posterior. When he was through, he let me sink to the floor and to be honest I don't really remember what happened after that ... there were words said and kisses shared and at some point he got up and finished changing and we went downstairs.

I do remember how much better I felt almost immediately though.  It was as if the negative emotions had been spanked away.  And I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Why did it work?  I really have no idea.  Oh, I could come up with some mumbo jumbo to explain it.  And at one time I really struggled with trying to understand.  But, now I realize that it really doesn't matter why it works.  All that matters is that it does work ... for me ... for him ... for us. 

When he reads this I'm sure he'll be thinking "I told you so" because that's what he tried to tell me on numerous occasions when I was convinced I NEEDED to understand.  He tried to tell me that the why didn't matter, all that matters is that it works.  And he was right.  It just works.


  1. Yes. I have had this happen numerous times, from violence in the news I couldn't let go of to saying good bye to friends and everything in between. I suppose one could assume because it is 3:45 am here, I could probably use one right now (though REALLY I don't think I could take it at the moment).

    Regardless, I am happy things turned out well for you!

    1. Oh Willie, I'm sorry that you were down or out of sorts or whatever that caused you to be up at 3:45am. I hope you managed to get some sleep and have felt better the rest of the day. (((hugs)))

  2. Hi Lilli, aw, I'm so glad Nash was able to help you out of your funk. You're right, it doesn't matter why, it just works.


  3. That's great Lilli and I agree it just works. I've had moments like that myself. Isn't it great we have that stress reliever :)

    1. Absolutely Daisy! I mean it's certainly not a "fix" for whatever is causing the stress, but it can help relieve those stressful feelings anyway, at least for me.


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