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Ya know that saying about the only constant in life being change?  So much has changed in our lives, in our world, this past year especially.  And our dynamic has morphed and changed over the years too.  So I decided that I needed to change my blog up yet again also.

When I changed my blog url/address I didn't realize that would negate the old one.  I thought that I'd have an option to link the old url to this one, at least for a period of time.  Apparently not or as Nash would probably say "that's what you get for thinking."  So I'm sorry about the abrupt change.  That was not planned.

In case you're wondering, yes, ttwd still plays a part in our lives.  It's still very much a part of our dynamic.  I definitely do have that "babygirl" side of me as well, but there's a lot more to me than just that (as I'm sure is true for anyone).  My last blog reincarnation allowed me to embrace that side of me ... or perhaps really just reflected that I was doing that ... I'm not really sure which ... perhaps a bit of both.  But, that's not so much a focus for me at this point, it's just another part of the whole ... an important part, yes, but still just a part.  And that's why I felt the need to change my blog up.

When I was trying to come up with a new name for my blog, I thought about what, if anything, remained constant beside change.  What remained constant amongst all the changes?  And that's when I thought about 1 Corinthians 13:13: "And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love."  Yes!  That's so true.  In the good times, in the bad times, during the joyful times in life, during the times of grief and heartache, during the busyness, and when we occasionally get to slow down for a bit faith, hope, and love are constant.  And so that's why I chose "These 3: Faith, Hope, Love" for my new blog name.  I hope you like it.



  1. Well 4th time's the charm? LOL


    1. I guess we'll see, huh Wille? lol
      I probably never should have changed it the first time. Oh well, I'm not going to stress over my silly, quirky self. 😉

  2. Hi Lilli, love the new name and am glad you found a name for the blog that reflects where you are at. Looking forward to continuing to read here :)


  3. Apart from giving me a heart attack when I went to check on your blog and it was gone! So happy you emailed so I could find you again. Beautiful name change. I've missed you too


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