Homework Assignments

Daddy has been giving me tasks to complete for him lately.  This isn't something new really, he's done it before.  Before I think we either just called them tasks or submission exercises.  But, Daddy has renamed them.  I now have homework assignments.

It has only been a few days since Daddy started giving me homework.  But, so far I've had to do 6 minutes of quiet time (think corner time, but not in a corner ... naked, leaning against the closed door of our bedroom).  The next day I had to play and bring myself to orgasm.  And the day after that I had to play and get myself close to an O, but not allow myself release all day.  That was the hardest one so far.

All of these homework assignments were to be completed as soon as I got up in the morning, so as to get me in the right frame of mind at the start of my day.  I do my devotional readings first thing in the morning too, for the same reason (if you're looking for a daily devotional check out the Daily Devotionals tab above for links).  It really does help to start my day off mindfully and not by reading who knows what on Facebook or hearing the latest awful thing going on in the news.

I'm not sure at this point whether I'm going to have homework every day or if this is something Daddy will keep up with or not.  Time will tell I suppose.  I offered to set up a calendar if he wanted me to do anything regularly, but he said that for now he sees more benefit in changing it up.  He wants to make sure that each assignment has an impact and he's concerned that if I know that I have to do such and such every morning or every other morning or whatever that it will turn into just something I do without really thinking about it ... like doing the laundry or grocery shopping or like a lot of things that I do on a regular basis.  I'm not so sure that having regular homework assignments would have that affect, but I can certainly see where he's coming from.  I think he wants to keep me on my toes, not knowing what he'll have me do next rather than knowing what's expected and just following through without much thought.  I don't know how that will work long term though or even if it will work long term.  And I suppose I shouldn't really worry about that because Daddy has only just started assigning me homework and he may be the one who gets bored with it and moves on to something else.

I will say that, at least for now, I do enjoy it.  I like to please him.  I like to do things for him.  And I like to have him to tell me to do things, knowing that if I don't follow through there will discipline forthcoming.

That said, I try my best to follow through because I don't like to disappoint him and I love that "good girl" affirmation.  It's another way to keep the connection palpable between us too.  There's a give and take, a reciprocity.  Assigning me homework requires mindfulness on his part and completing the homework assignments he gives me requires mindfulness on my part.  Anything that has us thinking of one another, focusing on each other, is a good thing in my book!  It also underscores our dynamic, which is beneficial for both of us.

So, do you have homework assignments?  Maybe you do, but they're called something different.  Tasks?  Chores?  Submission exercises?  Maybe you have a To Do List with things your Dom/HOH adds to it?

 If so, what sort of things are asked/required of you?  And how do you feel about it?  Do you find it beneficial?

Oh, and I suppose I should ask, or maybe I really shouldn't, do you have any homework suggestions for Daddy to assign me?


  1. Hi Lilli, this is such a great way to remain connected and you are right, it requires mindfulness on both parts. The closest we have come to doing this is Rick instructing me to wear, or not wear certain items.


    1. That's interesting Roz! And, funny thing is, Nash almost never does that ... instructing me to wear or not to wear certain items. Huh.

  2. I love getting homework assignments! I get them occasionally but one day I had two whole days of them :)

    1. Two whole days of them, Daisy? Wow! Did you like that or was it overwhelming?


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