TTWD Wish List - His Top 10

Christmas has passed, but Valentine's Day is coming up and I was curious what was on Nash's Ds/DDbg/ttwd wish list. So, I asked him.  And he made me a top 10 list.

Originally I had thought about sharing this in David Letterman/Late Show style, counting up from #10 to #1, but Nash said these weren't really in any particular order.  Hmmph.  Okay, well, in that case ... drum roll please ... in no particular order ...

  1. Heavy Leather Strap
  2. Canes
    • a lovely assortment - lexan, bamboo - different diameters
  3. Lexan paddle. 
    • otk sized
  4. Leather Cat o' Nine Tails
  5. Heavy Glass Butt Plug
    • good sized, maybe with a jewel in the base
  6. Magic Wand
  7. Wartenberg Wheel 
  8. Leather Crop
    • very good quality
  9. Leather Locking Cuffs
    • wrist, ankle and thigh with matching collar - good quality
  10. Tens Unit 
    • along with various attachments

After sharing his list with me he wanted to know if anything surprised me.  Well, yes, actually.  I'll just go through the list ...

The heavy leather strap was a surprise.  (I'm thinking it wasn't such a good thing that he read this blog post!)

The canes weren't a surprise.  He has one ... that he broke.  It's still usable mind you ... don't ask me how I know.

The lexan paddle I'm not exactly surprised by ... he has leather and wooden paddles, but no lexan.  He hasn't really talked about a lexan paddle much, but it doesn't really surprise me that it's on his wish list either.

The leather cat o' nine tails isn't a surprise.

The fact that there's a butt plug on the list doesn't surprise me in the least.  We have a couple currently, but one is just uncomfortable (and not in a good way, if you know what I mean).  It's too long (which I never thought about being a possible problem with a butt plug, perhaps it's just the shape of it overall, that I don't know).  And the other one ... it fits well except that I can push it out without really trying to do so, which just isn't convenient ... another shape issue.  So, I guess what I'm saying is that if anyone has any recommendations, whether it's glass or otherwise, please share.
The magic wand was a surprise, but wasn't really a surprise either.  He loves to tease me and orgasm control (forced and/or denied) is one of his favorite activities.  So, in the same vein, the wartenberg wheel doesn't surprise me either.

The leather crop ... I actually laughed out loud when he specified "very good quality."  He's had crops before and I've broken each and every one of them ... 3 now, I think ... usually by reaching back or some other such naughty behavior.  Ooops.

The leather locking cuffs took me by surprise.  I suppose it shouldn't have, but part of it was probably that he specified a matching set ... wrist, ankle, thigh and collar.  I guess maybe because we haven't really had opportunity for much of anything for awhile (a quick spanking here and there is about it) I wasn't sure where his head was at regarding other ttwd pursuits and the inclusion of a full set of locking cuffs makes me realize that the desire is still very much there even if the opportunity hasn't been.

A tens unit.  Oh.  That's something he has talked about before, but it's been quite awhile since he's mentioned it.  I didn't really think that was on his radar anymore.  So, yes, that was certainly a surprise to me.

I'm curious, are any of these on your or your partners wish list?  If so, which one(s)?  If not, what is on your/their wish list?  Have you bought or are you planning to buy any ttwd related gifts for Valentine's Day?


  1. Hi Lilli, nope none of these on my wish list. Some we already have and some I wouldn't let near me for all the tea in China! Good luck lovey, you might need it
    love Jan,xx

    1. To tell you the truth Jan, I'm not too worried. Several of these things have been on his wish list on and off for a very long time. Just because he wants them doesn't mean he's going to buy them ... and it certainly doesn't mean that I'm going to buy them for him! lol (((hugs)))


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