Fit to be Shaved

I've been going bare down there for awhile now, at Daddy's behest.  It was a Christmas present he said when he initially made the request several years ago.  Before then I'd kept the area neatly trimmed, because neither of us really liked that hair to get longer and bushy, but that was about it.

Recently Daddy had a new request ... he wanted me to let the hair grow out a little and shave it into a shape.  Having never done that before I decided to take a look around online to see what sort of shapes he might find appealing (and I might find do-able!).

While I found all sorts of interesting shapes, these (above) were the ones that came up most in my search.  My guess is that's because these seem like something the average woman might be able to achieve.  Some of the others I came across ... a butterfly, a mustache, a bow-tie, an arrow, a lightning bolt, a rising sun. etc. ... just seem unrealistic to me (and some just downright silly).

So, I'm now sporting the Bermuda Triangle ... just a simple triangle of hair and nothing more.  Daddy hasn't seen it yet, though he will tonight.  Well, that is if he can manage to stay awake long enough.  He's had a long day (a long week actually) and he's really tired.  Of course there's always tomorrow.  
I hope he likes it!

I do find myself wondering if I could pull off the Heart Attack for Valentine's Day though.  
What do you think?  

Do tell ... are you bare down there ... sporting a shape ... or bushy and proud?


  1. I have definitely been bare before, but my hubby doesn't like it that way. He wants just a little bit of something to tug on😳. I'm usually between a Bermuda and a landing strip. Lol

    1. Interesting Maggie! My hubby liked me bare, but wanted to change it up a bit. He seems to like the triangle. ;)


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