So Much Has Happened

I suppose this should really be an end of the year post, but it's November and that's close enough, right?  Plus it's almost my birthday and that's often a time I reflect.

2015 started out with our daughter not feeling well.  It's been a rough year for her.  She was ill for months as it took awhile to figure out the problem.  Then she needed surgery.  Then there was the recovery from the surgery.  All the health stuff plus all the stuff involved with getting ready for college got to her and some mental health issues manifested.  She's doing a lot better now in all areas, but she still has her struggles. 

I've had health struggles of my own this year.  As it turns out the biggest troublemaker was my thyroid.  It was making me feel sluggish (vast understatement), gain weight, and all sorts of other things.  I ended up being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  If you don't know, Hashi's is an under-active thyroid condition that's autoimmune in nature.  It can wreak havoc with your whole system (especially if, like me, you have other autoimmune conditions that it can have play dates with).  Such fun.  Thankfully, though my health isn't back to where it was earlier this year, I am feeling a lot better.

My husband Nash has had some struggles this year as well.  His have mainly been work related.  He ended up being out on leave for a month earlier this year.  Then more recently he lost his job ... one that he'd had for well over a decade.  He's working again now, but hoping this job is only temporary until he can find something better.

Let's see, the only (human) member of our family I haven't mentioned is our son.  Thankfully, he has been doing quite well.  And it's a good thing because life has been stressful enough with everything everyone else has had going on.

If I think back to November of last year things were so different.  Last November I ran my first 5K.  Last November we were going on college visits with our daughter.  Last November we were seriously discussing moving to another state.  We visited and Nash even had a job interview.  Last November it seemed like life was rife with possibilities.  We had no idea that was the calm before the storm.

That said, this year has been full of a lot of good things too.  My parents came to visit for a couple of weeks.  I love getting to spend time with them.  They live far from us and we don't see them often.  We threw our daughter a graduation party that was attended by a lot of family and friends and we had a great time.  I ran my second 5K and Nash and the kids joined me, walking.  We got to enjoy a lot more family time than we normally would have, with Nash being off work and then out of work.  It may have been stressful, but it was also good to have that time to just be a family too.  And there are so many other things I could list ... celebrating birthdays and holidays, meeting a couple of celebrities we like, enjoying a few concerts, taking walks/hikes together, my daughter and I going on our first helicopter ride ... and so much more.  And many of these good things happened in the midst of the challenges.

Life is never all good or all bad.  It's a mixture of both.  And learning to find the positive in the midst of the negative is essential to being content in spite of circumstances.  It's not an easy task sometimes, but it's a worthwhile one.


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