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As it would seem, that whole becoming stricter thing doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.  As you may know, Nash and I spend a lot of time apart during the work week.  Now, I'm sure you're under the impression that I'm a very well behaved babygirl while Daddy is gone.  *ahem*  But, well, some babygirls do tend to be a bit impulsive sometimes and not think through their actions and find themselves in a position where they have some regrets.  I'm not naming names or anything, but, well, that may or may not apply to me.

In the past, Nash has waited to address such infractions until the weekend.  However, he's decided he needs to address bad behavior sooner.  And so, he's started to discipline me while we're apart.  The obstacle is that obviously he can't discipline me in the exact same manner he would if he was home, because, well, he's not home.

Tuesday evening he sent me a text telling me to go to our bedroom and get naked.  Instructions followed regarding corner time, then nipple torture and then orgasm control.  All in all, we spent about 45 minutes texting back and forth, Nash sending me instructions and me completing them and then letting him know.

Such interaction won't always be possible though.  There are days when he's working that he doesn't have 45 minutes to text back and forth with me.  So, he's decided to come up with a go-to type list that he can adjust on the fly if he's so inclined.  He'll use it at his discretion either for discipline or as submission exercises.

Sooo, how can you help?  Daddy is looking for suggestions.  He has some ideas to add to the list, but he wants to know what others have used when discipline can't be administered in person. 

The suggestion box is open!  If you have ideas/suggestions/personal experiences to share please comment or drop me an email.  I'm not entirely sure I will feel like thanking you...but I know Nash will.


  1. Hi Lilli, my tablet is playing up so apologies if you get this twice.

    I think this is great, it's always better if issues can be dealt with straight away, and I think it will keep you both focused and connected while apart.

    Gosh, I'm not sure if I should share any ideas lol. Some thoughts that come to mind are corner time, lines, technology restrictions, bedroom time or set bedtime. Ok, stopping now lol :)


    1. Sorry you're having trouble with your tablet Roz. It didn't come through twice though.

      I understand about not being sure if you should share ideas. I wasn't so sure I should write this post! lol

  2. When Kayla and I were long distance a couple of the punishments I would use was corner time which in her case was very effective as she strongly disliked it. The other one I would use was to take away social media; Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

    1. Thanks (I think) for the suggestions Mr. Brownstone. Thankfully Nash is on his way home and we'll have the three day weekend together...but I'm sure he'll be checking the comments here and making up his go-to list. Hmmmph.


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