Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Nash's birthday over the weekend. We spent some time with friends, some with family and we even managed to sneak in a little time just for us.

Of course we had to partake in several birthday traditions ... cake ... singing ... cards ... gifts ... and of course the birthday spanking.

Where did this tradition of birthday spankings come from anyway? Well, I did a little research and came across this info...

SPANKINGS: Some children receive birthday “spankings”, which are were originally based on superstition, but are now more of a birthday prank or a joke. Hundreds of years ago, spankings were given for each year of the birthday child’s life. Beyond that number, a child received another spanking to grow on, one to live on, one to eat on, one to be happy on, and yet another spanking to get married on. At one time, it was considered bad luck if the birthday celebrant was not spanked because it was believed to “soften up the body for the tomb.” Historians are unsure if the practice of swatting the birthday girl or boy was treated as a joke, as people view it today.

There are some other theories out there too, for instance that it's just an extension of giving a newborn baby a swat on the tush.

The most amusing thing I came across in my search was the article "How to Give a Birthday Spanking."  I wasn't going to click on it at first.  But, my curiosity won out and I had to see what it said.  It breaks the spanking down into 6 steps followed by some tips and then a few warnings as well.  If you check it out, let me know what you think.  I found it rather amusing that such an article even exists!

So, if you're thinking that I got to spank Nash ... hahahaaa ... no.  Oh yes, birthday spankings were given and received, but Daddy decided that I would be the lucky recipient.  It's funny, the first time that Nash spanked me was many years ago, back when we were dating, but I think this is the first time he's bestowed his birthday spankings on me.  That's kind of surprising now that I think about it.

Daddy almost always gives spankings on the bare and of course birthday spankings must be given with the recipient wearing only their birthday suit.  As for the implement he choose, well, we had picked up a couple of spatulas in our travels recently, so he decided it was high time to give them a try.

Mama's Spankin' Spoon & What Happens in the Kitchen Stays in the Kitchen

Aren't they cute?  I'd say that they're good warm up implements as far as the meaty parts of the cheeks go, but let me tell you, they felt a lot more serious when a swat would land on that sensitive sit spot or on my thighs.  I have a feeling that I'll become quite intimately acquainted with both of these little stingers.

Hmmm ... I wonder what Daddy will use when he gives me spankings for my birthday.  Only a couple of months to wait!


  1. Thank you beautiful, for such a wonderful birthday weekend!!
    I love you so much!!
    I'm pretty sure the spatulas will make many more appearances. ;)

    1. I love you too Daddy!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! :)

    2. It could not have been better!

  2. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Nash!

    I will have to check out the article. The spatulas do look cute :) Glad to hear you partook in a number of birthday traditions, including the birthday spanking :)


    1. I was very amused by the article. Let me know what you think of it Roz. ;) (((hugs)))


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