Bad Behavior? Not Tolerated.

Daddy is getting stricter.   Is it because of my recent gift?  He says no, but the timing does seem awfully coincidental.

I was feeling pouty and a bit pushy.   Daddy gave me a couple of warnings, but I didn't heed them.  Nope.   I just got more pouty and more pushy.   I figured I was pretty safe since our daughter hadn't gone to bed yet.

As it turned out I was not safe at all.

Daddy escorted me into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, pulled my pants and panties down, bent me over and started spanking.  I protested and tried to get away.  It was too loud!

Annoyed, he ushered me into our bedroom where he chose a quieter implement, the cane.  I buried my head in the blanket to muffle my cries as he swatted my bare bottom and thighs.

When he stopped and asked me if I thought I could behave myself I answered, "I hope so." (doesn't really inspire confidence, does it?)

I did behave well...for a little while. After which I started to behave...less well.

Daddy wasn't having any of it.

After our daughter was off to bed I was escorted back into the bathroom.

This time Daddy stripped me completely naked.  Then the lecture began.   Needless to say, he made it clear that he wasn't very pleased.

Then he bent me over again.  This time wasn't a quick attention-getter type spanking.  No, this was definitely more thorough, more ouchy, harder to stay still for and meant to leave a lasting impression.

That was Saturday night.

Sunday I had some lingering soreness and a few marks, so you'd think I'd be better behaved.

And I was better behaved...well...some of the time.  But, Daddy was very much on top of things.  He wasn't indulging bad behavior.  He was a lot more proactive than he usually is, a lot more tuned into me.  This was definitely a step up from what I'm used to from him.

So, what I've been wondering...was this an isolated event...was he just feeling more strict this past weekend...or has something clicked in his big meanie Daddy Dom brain and he's going to be more strict from here on out?

I don't know.  I guess only time will tell.

What do you think?  Any predictions?


  1. Hi Lilli, oh ouch, sounds like you best continue to behave :) I think it's great that Nash was tuned into you and proactive. Your dynamic is a focus for him at the moment it seems. I hope it does continue...I think? lol


    1. Hi Roz! Behaving seems a bit beyond me lately for some reason. I think it's because things have been so stressful this summer, last month in particular. Yes, our dynamic definitely seems to be a focus for him right now. I think that's a good thing...but maybe not for my bottom. lol (((hugs)))

      How are you?


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