You may have noticed that I added another page to my blog.  There's a link to it right up there where it says Home, About Me, and Connect.  I added an Accountability Calendar.


Well, Daddy has certain expectations of me.  Maybe you'd call them rules for me to follow.  Personally I prefer the word expectation.  I'm not sure Daddy would agree.  But, regardless of what you call it, there are certain things he expects me to do and that he holds me accountable for.

Let me tell you, a Daddy Dom can be a great accountability partner...that is, if it's something you want to be held accountable for, and if you check it off the list faithfully.  If not, well, a Daddy Dom certainly knows how to motivate a babygirl.

Those are cute, but that's not the kind of red bottom you can expect for not following through on something if Daddy has set expectations in that area.


  1. Love the pics Lilli. Cute shoes!


    1. I thought they were cute too, Roz! ;) (((hugs)))


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