Throwback Thursday: Maintenance

*****I'll be shutting this blog down entirely at some point.  In anticipation of that, I've decided to share some of my more popular posts from here on my new blog.  When I do so, I'll post them as Throwback Thursday posts.*****

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For the first time in a long time, Izzie woke up feeling good, really good.  She and Nathan had had a chance to reconnect last night.  As she rolled onto her back and stretched she realized that she was sore this morning, but that realization just brought a smile to her face.

She thought about how much things had changed in their marriage recently. She and Nat had been together for a long time, but over the last few years they'd started to drift apart.  They still loved each other, but things could be tense between them at times.

Then Izzie learned about something called domestic discipline. She was shocked at first.  The idea that a woman would be submissive to her husband and allow him to discipline her in this day and age really blew her mind.  But she had to admit that it intrigued her too...

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