Throwback Thursday: Maintenance

 *****I've decided to share some of my more popular posts from a previous blog here on occasion.  When I do so, I'll post them as Throwback Thursday posts.*****

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For the first time in a long time, Izzie woke up feeling good, really good.  She and Nathan had had a chance to reconnect last night.  As she rolled onto her back and stretched she realized that she was sore this morning, but that realization just brought a smile to her face.

She thought about how much things had changed in their marriage recently. She and Nat had been together for a long time, but over the last few years they'd started to drift apart.  They still loved each other, but things could be tense between them at times.

Then Izzie learned about something called domestic discipline. She was shocked at first.  The idea that a woman would be submissive to her husband and allow him to discipline her in this day and age really blew her mind.  But she had to admit that it intrigued her too.

The more she read about DD, the more she realized that maybe it was just what she and Nat needed to help heal their marriage.  It would certainly address the ever growing power struggle between them and she figured it would also force them to communicate more and maybe they’d start working as a team again too.

Little by little she had started dropping hints to her husband.  And she started to try out this new role she envisioned for herself as well.  But, while she’d certainly gotten his attention, he seemed confused and perhaps even a little suspicious.  It was then that she realized that she was going to have to actually tell him what she had in mind.  But while there were moments here and there that she could have brought the subject up, she always hesitated just long enough that the moment was gone.

Finally she decided that instead of talking to him about it, she would write to him.  If she sent him an email she could share what she wanted to and not have to face him right there and then.  And it would also give him time to digest what she’d said without feeling like he needed to respond to her right away.  She mustered up her courage and opened up a blank email.  She wondered if she’d have a hard time expressing herself, but when she started writing, the words seemed to just pour out of her.

When she stopped typing she realized that the email was pretty long.  She decided to read through it and see if she could trim it down a bit and she also wanted to make sure that she had conveyed what she’d wanted to convey.  Before clicking send, she decided to add links to a couple of blogs that she’d been reading lately, hoping that Nat would check them out and realize that even if he thought she was crazy, that she certainly wasn’t the only one.

Sending that email was one of the hardest things she’d ever done.  Wondering how he’d react and waiting for him to respond was agonizing.  Would he embrace the idea or would this just drive them farther apart?  Well, it hadn’t taken much for Nat to be on board.  He’d had some questions and some concerns and once they addressed those, he seemed eager, maybe even more eager than she was to get started.

Though that had been a few months ago, last night had been their first maintenance session.  She had been nervous about it, not knowing what exactly to expect.  She imagined it had been difficult for Nat as well.  So much responsibility fell on his shoulders these days.  He had talked with her first.  He told her that he loved her and that he just wanted the best for her, for them both.  And then he talked about some areas he thought she could make improvements in and told her that he had certain expectations of her in these areas and that she should expect to be held accountable.  She almost forgot to breathe as he talked and wasn’t at all sure how to react.  But by then he had moved on and was telling her how proud of her he was and how this wasn’t meant as a punishment, but rather a time for them to reconnect and affirm their roles in this new dynamic.

Then it was time.  He instructed her to lie over his lap.  This was what she had wanted, what she had asked for.  And this wasn’t the first time he’d spanked her.  But yet she wasn’t sure if she could really go through with it.  Past spankings had served as discipline and correction to wipe the slate clean after a misstep and start fresh.  This was different and though she had heard what her husband had said and she’d read about maintenance on some of the blogs, there was still a part of her that was rebelling against the idea of being spanked for no good reason.

Suddenly she was aware that her husband was staring at her.  He raised his eyebrow and the emotion she was experiencing, that feeling of being so torn about the whole thing and not sure what to do or even how she truly felt, showed on her face.  She didn’t want to disobey him, she didn’t want to let him down or disappoint him, and yet…

Then instead of getting impatient or annoyed with her he smiled and pulled her to him.  He told her again how much he loved her and how he saw their relationship healing and them both growing since they’d started doing ttwd.  She felt her heart softening as he kissed her on the forehead.  But now it really was time and so without him having to tell her again, she lay over his lap.  He pulled her nightshirt up and her panties down, enjoying the view, and began.

He started off lightly at first, using his hand and smacking first on one cheek and then the other.  When he started to hit a bit harder and faster she tried to squirm off his lap, but he pulled her back into position.  He also took her panties the rest of the way off.  She wasn’t sure why at first, since they had hampered her movements some and she figured that he’d see that as a good thing.  But then she felt two sharp smacks, one on each thigh and she had her answer.  Ouch!

Thankfully he went back to spanking her bottom and soon he stopped.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  He was done.  It was over.  She’d gotten through it.  He rubbed her bottom and admired the pinkness which was spread quite evenly.  But then she felt him lean away from her for a moment and then back toward her again, as if he’d reached for something and grabbed it.  She started to push herself up, but he put his hand on her back and pushed her back down as he simultaneously trapped her legs in place by placing one of his legs over hers.  Now she started to panic.  She had thought he was done, that it was over.  “I’m going to give you a few to remember” he said.  Now she was certain he’d been reading the DD blogs.  I mean, where else would he have gotten that from?  And what had she gotten herself into?  Clearly she had created a monster.

Just as she was about to say something, to protest, she felt the first smack of the wooden spoon on her bottom.  She cried out and it was a good thing he was holding her in place.  The second smack came and she started to reach her hands back, but he grabbed them and pinned them to her back.  “Never, ever do that again Isabel!” he chastised.  “If I accidentally hit your hand you could be injured, perhaps seriously” he explained.  “Do you understand?”  She nodded her head, but he made it clear that he was waiting for a verbal reply.  “Yes, Sir.”  “Good.  Now be a good girl and we‘ll be done before you know it.”  Somehow she doubted that, but she figured it wasn’t wise to say so.  Several more smacks on her cheeks with the wooden spoon and they were indeed done, and thankfully so as far as she was concerned.

But something had happened with those last few smacks.  She had felt her resistance fading away and the walls she’d had up were crumbling.  She didn’t feel indignant any longer.  Instead she felt a sense of calmness, contentedness.  She didn’t understand it, but she liked it.

Nat motioned for her to get up and she slid off his lap and onto the floor, kneeling at his feet.  He ran his fingers through her hair as she laid her head on his lap.  After a couple of minutes had passed he pulled her up onto his lap, kissing her and holding her tight.  She found herself melting in his embrace, feeling enveloped by his love.  She wasn’t entirely sure why that was, but she decided to just enjoy it, figuring she’d have time to try and sort her feelings out later.

After some time spent in her husband’s arms, he told her to get up and lie on the bed on her stomach.  She wasn’t sure what to expect, and didn’t really want to leave his embrace, but she complied.  Soon he was by her side and she felt him rubbing her favorite lotion on her warm and tender bottom.  She smiled and a sigh escaped her lips as his hands moved from her bottom to her back, rubbing and soothing her.  Then he got up and told her to roll over.  She did and he pulled the blanket over her, tucking her in.  He kissed her and told her how proud of her he was and how much he loved her.  Her smile grew and she wrapped her arms around his neck and told him how much she loved him too.

Yes, last night had been a far cry from how their evenings usually went before they had incorporated DD into their relationship.  They were still newbies though and therefore they were still trying to fully understand this new dynamic and apply it to their relationship in a way that felt right to them.  In the process they were trying to rid themselves of bad habits and ways of relating that they’d both developed and replace them with new and better ones.  But even so, things were already so much better between them.

Izzie looked at the empty spot on the bed next to her and missed Nathan, wishing he was home instead of at work already.  But at the same time she appreciated the fact that she actually did miss him now instead of just getting up in the morning without as much as a second thought regarding her husband.  Then she looked at her alarm clock and realized that if she didn’t get moving she was going to be late for work herself.  And while she had never liked being late, it was a bad habit of hers and one that Nat had said that he was going to help her break.  And with her bottom still sore from maintenance last night, the last thing she wanted was a punishment spanking tonight!  As she got up and headed for the bathroom she decided that she’d better make this shower a quick one!

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Note: This is a work of fiction.  I wrote and originally posted it in 2012.  
Though I was tempted to edit before sharing here, I left it unchanged.


  1. Hi Lilli, what a great idea to share some of your previous posts here. I remember your stories and really enjoyed reading this. Loved how you describe the emotions.



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