Throwback Thursday: The Cabin - Part I

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The Cabin - Part I
She opened the door and entered the room, slowly, cautiously, not knowing what to expect.  He’d told her to go prepare herself and wait for him.  She wondered what he had planned, what delicious torture awaited.  The room was large and felt cool, but not cold.  A shiver ran up her spine, it had nothing to do with the temperature.  There in the corner was a St. Andrews Cross, basically a big X made out of wood with attachment points.  She stared at it for a moment and then forced her eyes away to check out the rest of the room.  The first thing she’d seen as she entered was the large four poster bed.  It was sitting in the middle of the far wall and looked quite sturdy, a pair of nightstands on either side.  Then her eyes had fallen onto the cross to the left of the bed.  As she forced her eyes away she saw the seating area in the adjacent corner, two chairs with a small table between them and a large ottoman.  Between the seating area and the doorway she stood in, there was a large cabinet.  It had many drawers of all different sizes.  It reminded her of the tool cabinet her husband had in the garage, only this was larger and made of some beautiful exotic wood instead of metal.  She imagined that it had a place for everything, and everything was in its place.  She wondered what was in the drawers, but she knew better than to look and she imagined she’d find out soon enough anyway.   As her gaze shifted to the right she noticed that the corner was empty, but what she didn’t notice was the attachment point in the ceiling.  Instead, her eyes were drawn to the spanking bench sitting in the center of the wall and her breath caught in her throat...

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