Pleasure & Pain

He told me to put my butt plug in.  I refused.  Bad idea.  He got out the cane and said that when I was ready I could ask for permission to put my plug in and he would consider it.  It didn't take many strokes before I asked.  The cane has quite a sting, especially on a bare bottom.  He refused, he wasn't done laying down stripes.

As I heard the cane swish through the air and felt it's sting as it connected I was definitely regretting my refusal.  If I'd just put my plug in to begin with he probably wouldn't have even gotten the cane out.  After several more strokes I decided to try asking again and thankfully he acquiesced.

He set the cane down as I got my butt plug out.  I laid on the bed while he watched as I moistened the cool stainless steel plug and I inserted it into my tight sphincter.  It's not uncomfortable exactly, but it has a heaviness that is a constant reminder that it's there.  He joined me on the bed and immediately turned his attention to my nipples.  As soon as he touched them I put my arms above my head, not interfering, allowing him to torment me, just as he expects.  I whimpered and gasped as he pulled, squeezed, and sucked on my breasts.  His hand slid down between my legs and I opened them for him, another expectation.  He was checking for wetness, of which there was plenty, but he was also teasing me.  He whispered in my ear, "don't cum" which of course made it all the more difficult not to do just that.  Now I was writhing and moaning, my breath quickening.  I was savoring it and struggling against it all at once as he rubbed that sensitive nub, sometimes dipping his fingers into the source of the wetness all the while still being rough with my nipples.  This is the place he loves to bring me to, that place between pleasure and pain or perhaps it's more accurate to say it's flooded with both pleasure and pain.

He stopped just before I lost control, kissed me passionately and then told me to get out two wooden implements, the oven rack puller and the bath brush and get into position on the bench.  It's a storage bench...wooden with a cushion to sit on and two bins underneath.  The position he wanted me in was on my hands and knees.  Well, no, actually he wanted my ass lifted more than that affords, so I was on my elbows and knees, at least at first.

He started off with the wooden oven rack puller.  It's small and fairly light, so it delivers a lot of sting and it really gets right into that sensitive sit spot area.  It's a warm up implement essentially.  He'd never use it for a more severe spanking, but he likes to utilize it before moving onto something a bit ... sturdier.

After a flurry of swats, which somehow I managed to remain fairly still for, he allowed me to rise up onto my hands from my elbows.  He didn't switch immediately to the wooden bath brush though.  No, that would have been too predictable and he likes that first swat with a different implement to come as a surprise, if not a surprise in regard to which implement it will be, at least in the timing.  With my upper body now lifted higher he could easily reach my nipples while spanking me.  They were already tender, but he pulled and squeezed them more anyway as he continued to rein swats down on my rapidly warming bottom.

He did catch me by surprise with that first swat with the bath brush.  I gasped and arched my back.  He laid his hand on the small of my back, applying just enough pressure to let me know that he expected me to stay in position.  But, maintaining my position quickly became more challenging.  That was partly due to the increase in pain with each swat.  Though also wooden, the bath brush is a lot more dense than the oven rack puller and as such it delivers a more thuddy impact.  Also, my wrists had started bothering me.  I knew I couldn't stay in that position much longer, so I let him know and he allowed me to move.

Now I was standing with my feet spread, leaning, partially bent over with my forearms crossed.  Right away he started putting more force behind the swings.  I cried out each time the bath brush made contact, muffling the sound by burying my head in my arms.  He delivered swat after swat after swat, occasionally hitting in the exact same spot twice in a row or somewhere that he hadn't hit before or with more force and I'd rise up onto my tip toes.  I didn't do it on purpose, it was involuntary.  It would only be for a moment and I'd be sure to return to my flat footed stance.  I knew he expected me to stay in position and I wanted to please him.

As he was spanking, his free hand (you know, the one he wasn't using to wield the bath brush) would wander.  He tormented my nipples some more.  He'd reach between my legs and check to see how wet I was getting...soaked if you're wondering.  He wiggled my butt plug.  And a couple of times he stopped spanking me for a moment looking over my bottom.  I'd wonder if he was done, but then he'd start back in again.  Apparently he was just checking for evenness of color.  He wanted a more uniform red.  Big meanie!

Finally, to my relief, he decided I'd had enough and set down the bath brush, turned me around and pulled me to him.  He held me close and kissed me, telling me how much he loved me, what a good girl I'd been, and how proud of me he was.  My bottom was burning, hot and tender.  I reached back, rubbing it, hoping to somehow take the edge off the pain.  But it was a futile effort.  As I'd find out, the soreness would linger.

Before long he turned his focus more on pleasure than pain.  I still wasn't allowed that glorious release without permission though.  I will say that when he did grant it, it was well worth the wait.  Between everything that had led up to that point, and then being made to teeter on the edge and then drawing me back and then pushing me to the edge again, when I finally did go over it wasn't like falling, but more like he released my wings so I could fly.  He joined me mid flight and we soared together, flying higher

and higher before collapsing into each others arms, spent and satiated.  And that's how we remained until morning, in the place we're both happiest, with no distance between us, physically or emotionally, entwined.


  1. wow, sounds like an amazing night, and so hot! Ouch though, a real mix of pleasure and pain...and it seems he got the mix just right :)


    1. It was quite a night Roz! He's definitely been upping the ouch factor ... but yes, he got the mix just right. ;)

  2. Glad you guys were soaring in the end! Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Hi Minelle! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! :)

      It was intense, but yes, we definitely enjoyed ourselves!

  3. Sounds like He went to the same Master's school as my Master did...they use many of the same methods, i was nodding my head a lot while reading this....Glad to read about the soaring ending.
    hugs abby

    1. Hi Abby! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! :)

      I think they must have some sort of secret handbook they won't tell us about! lol (((hugs)))

  4. Just found your new blog. Sounds like a wonderful night of connection :)

    1. Hi Lani! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!
      And yes, it really was. ;)


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