Moving Forward

Four months ago I made the difficult decision to close up shop, to stop blogging.  With few exceptions I hadn't been back to this corner of blogland since.

At the time it was what I felt I needed to do for myself.  If you'd been reading here for very long you're probably aware that 2013 was a very tough year for us.  We got through it, but boy it was messy.  2014 was about rebuilding trust and our relationship.  It took awhile, there were a lot of bumps along the way, but by the end of the year we were finally doing a lot better.

And then another crisis hit.  It had to do with our daughter and her health.  Suddenly our world was turned upside down.  I tried to keep blogging, but I really wasn't present, my mind and heart just weren't here.  I tried to keep up with my blogland friends, but I was so wrapped up in what was going on with our daughter that I didn't have emotional energy to spare. I know that I probably hurt some feelings when I left and I'm sorry for that.  That was never my intent.  Thankfully, our daughter is doing much better now, though it has taken eight months to get to this point.  We are finally able to breathe easier and our fear has lessened, though our prayers for her are still constant.

During the time I've been away from blogland we've been going through a transformation in our relationship.  No, that's not entirely accurate.  Actually, the transition started while I was still blogging, but I didn't talk much about it.  And when I started to think about blogging again I wasn't entirely sure what was going to come out once I started writing.  Here I knew my POV (point of view) and I felt that if I came back I would be expected to step right back into it.  I knew I couldn't do that and still be true to myself or our relationship.  I thought about trying to explain, but I was still figuring it out myself.  I am still figuring it out myself.  And so I decided to start a new blog.

I felt badly about leaving all my friends hanging when I left here.  And while starting a new blog was exciting, I felt almost as if I was hiding from those who already knew me.  I've thought about reconnecting and yet there has been a certain amount of trepidation.  I've changed ... will they accept me?  But, while I do fall victim to those thoughts at times (like we all do) I won't allow myself to dwell there.  It's not for me to decide who will accept me and who won't.  If I'm true to myself then if someone else wants to judge me, that's their issue, not mine.

So I decided to peek my head back in and say hello.  And I'll be tip-toeing around blogland trying to catch up too.  I'm sure I've missed a lot in the past months, but I hope everyone is well.  Oh, and I'll share my new blog with you too, just in case you want to stop by.  Speaking of which, I should probably tell you that we changed our names.  I know, weird, right?  But, these new names hold special meaning to us.  And we're still the same people we were before, but instead of Michael and Grace we're Nash and Lilli.  Oh, and the new blog?  You can find it here.  ;)


  1. I've been mia for a while too, but I'm so happy to see an update from you. Can't wait to check out the new blog. :) Love the new names by the way!

    1. Hi Kenzie! It's great to hear from you! I hope that you've been MIA due to being busy with good things and not bad ones. I definitely have a lot of catching up to do. And thanks about the new names. I'm sure it will be strange for people who have known us as Michael and Grace, but it was a decision that felt right to us as we head in a slightly different direction. (((hugs)))

  2. Hi Roz! Wonderful to hear from you! I imagine you're right about ttwd evolving for many. I look forward to hearing about how that's manifesting in your relationship. ;)
    I'm sorry you've been having some tech issues. That can be so frustrating! I hope they're sorted out now or will be soon.
    Thanks about our daughter. We're so very thankful that she's doing better now.
    Thoughts and prayers are always appreciated and I extend mine to you as well!


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