*text conversation*

babygirl: Trying to get motivated to exercise.

Daddy: If I was there I could help motivate you!

babygirl: You could motivate me now if you were so inclined.

Daddy: Different kind of motivation.

babygirl: I know I should.  And yet.  Well, we didn't discuss expectations for this week.

Daddy: I don't think 2 x's/week is asking too much.


Daddy: You need to get going.  I don't want to have to punish you for not getting it done.

Is it just me or was this interaction less than motivating?

I know he's at work and his mind is occupied with other things, but...wasn't it clear what I was looking for?

He didn't tell me to get off my butt and exercise now or else.  That would've been motivating.

He didn't clearly lay out expectations.  Yes, he mentioned twice per week, but he fell short of actually saying that was the expectation.  And honestly, I should exercise more than that anyway.

And that last bit, well, it seemed like an afterthought to me.  I need to get going?  Why?  Even if I take the 2x's/week part as a firm expectation, it's only Tuesday.  *shrug*

He falls into old patterns of thinking sometimes and thinks he's being kind to me when he gives me free reign to do (or not) as I please.  He thinks he's being nice when he has no or low expectations of me.  But, it just makes me think that he doesn't really care.  No, not that he doesn't care about me, but that he doesn't care about whatever the expectation has to do this case exercise.

So, if he doesn't really care, why should I ?


  1. Interesting but it can be just as unmotivated for the expectations to be too high.

    1. That's true, Angel Blue. It seems it's best for there to be some kind of balance, don't you think?


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