Disappointing Daddy

Nash reads all of my blog posts. This was the email I received after he read my last post.

So I guess you don't think I was clear in what I said.

1. You will exercise 2x this week and 3x each week after.
2. If you're not drinking 1 water every day you are to email me each day you don't drink it. FYI soon it will go back to 2 waters everyday.
3. You knew what I was saying and chose to read it differently. You knew I wanted you to exercise today and yet chose not to. I'm not pleased with this.

I love you and as always the post was well written although I'm not going to say I enjoyed reading it tonight.

There are consequences for your actions or lack there of.

Obviously he was less than pleased. 

Actually, I didn't realize that he wanted me to exercise yesterday specifically. But, I did know that he meant that I needed to exercise twice this week.


He wasn't home last night. He travels a lot for his job. And I didn't get to talk to him about it before he fell asleep, so it felt unresolved. I was missing him and wanted nothing more than to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Well, I would've loved to snuggle up to him and not let go too, but that wasn't possible. I hate feeling like I've disappointed him. And I do know that he cares. He doesn't set expectations arbitrarily.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. Actually, I really didn't even want to go climb into our bed alone. So I sent him a text, not expecting a response since I knew he'd gone to bed already.

babygirl: I don't like going to bed wondering if you're mad at me, feeling like I've disappointed you. But, I guess I have no choice. I don't like this. Sorry Daddy. Goodnight.

I was pleasantly surprised a little bit later when I got a text back.

Daddy: Sorry punkin, I was sound asleep. I'm not mad at you. I love you! I hope you get a good nights rest.

babygirl: You're not?

Daddy: No, I'm not. Aren't you supposed to be asleep?

babygirl: I'm sorry Daddy.

Daddy: It's okay kitten.

babygirl: I don't like to disappoint you.

Daddy: 2 x's this week sweetpea.

babygirl: Yes, Sir. Goodnight!

Daddy: Goodnight kitten. Sleep tight.

After that I was able to sleep and sleep soundly. I felt so much better. And I will make sure to exercise twice this week and drink my water every day. And I'll try to not be so snarky too. I know that aggravates him more than the rest of it. My attitude is often the hardest thing for me to tame and yet one of the most important things to him.


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