Are you thinking of that David Bowie song now?  I am.  lol

Maybe you've noticed, I've been making some changes around here.

When I created this blog I admit to not fulling knowing what my POV (point of view) for it would be.  And I knew that was a pretty big no-no.  It's one of the reasons I hesitated before starting a blog.  But, I'm one of those people who processes through writing, not one who has it all processed and then writes it out.  And, well, I needed to write.  And I needed to put myself out there.  And so I decided to start blogging. 

Not knowing what direction I would take with my writing made it difficult to come up with a blog name, at least one that would end up being appropriate to the content.  So, I just came up with one I liked.  I thought it was a fun name and I was saying it in a kind of "tongue in cheek" sort of way.  But, it didn't take me long to figure out that it wasn't really a good fit.  What to do?  I made a small change at first, but that didn't really rectify the problem.  A bigger change was needed.

And so that's what I've been doing, making changes.  I changed my blog name, the url/address, my email address, my Twitter handle, my Google+ account (the old one is also still active as I write this, but I will be deleting it), etc.  And making all those changes has meant a lot of updating (links, etc.).

Am I crazy?  Maybe.  But, I really felt that a change was necessary and I figured it was better to do it now than to wait until my blog is more established. 

So, if you're wondering what's going on, now you know.  And if you come across a broken link or something that hasn't been updated yet, I apologize.  I'm working on it, really I am.  But, if you see that I've missed something or that I haven't gotten around to updating something yet, I hope you'll let me know.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any confusion!!!


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