The Sun is Shining

What a winter we've been having!  It has been so cold and windy and snow filled (overfilled if you ask me).  Today the sun is shining and that makes me a happy camper, at least from inside, where it's nice and warm.

I think I had mentioned that we were going to go on a little trip.  Well, we've gone and come home again.  It was a nice little getaway...not a romantic one, a family one.  I definitely soaked up all that time with Michael though.  And as the kids get older I'm reminded that we may not have too many more of these family trips, just the four of us, so I'm going to enjoy them while they last!

Things here have been sailing along pretty smoothly.  Moving has been a big topic of conversation.  There's a gap that needs to be bridged between wanting to move and actually making it happen.  And that's what we're trying to figure out now.  There's definitely a lot to consider and a lot of details to be worked out.  Prayers are definitely appreciated!

Michael gave me a task last night.  He asked something of me that he hasn't in a long time.  He wanted me to pleasure myself.  Well, wanted isn't quite the right term, since it wasn't a request.  It took me off guard, that's for sure...which I'm sure is exactly what he intended.  Little submission exercises like that do help us to feel more connected when he's gone.

So, what's up with these new guidelines from Blogger?  I did go through my photos and I deleted a few.  They were very mild really.  I wasn't even sure if they would catch Blogger's attention.  But I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.  Most of the blogs I read don't share the type of material they're saying is now off limits, but I'm sure there will be many blogs affected.  Interesting, isn't it?  On the one hand, the country rushed to the theater to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie and on the other hand, Blogger is threatening blogs with such content.  Quite the dichotomy.


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