***If you want the back story, check out my previous post: Confession.***

Penance, punishment, whatever you want to call it, yes, it happened...the spanking that is.

It wasn't fun.  It wasn't sexy.  It just hurt and was hard to get through.

And I was very glad once it was over, though I didn't feel better emotionally right away.

It didn't help that I'd had way too much time to think about it beforehand.

You'd probably think that I'd have been on my best behavior, but I was a handful all of Saturday leading up to the spanking that night.

And afterward, well, I cried and told Michael that if he loved me he wouldn't hurt me.

Yup.  I actually said that.

But he held me and talked to me and soothed me and I calmed down and snuggled into him.

And then, after a little while, I asked him to tell me a story.

And so he did.

It was quite a tale about he and I and a tryst at a cabin near a lake.

During the story he enjoyed pinching and pulling and rubbing me in all the usual places.  But once he was done telling the story he decided that I needed to practice a little orgasm control.  Thankfully he gave me permission when he did because I honestly don't think I could have held back any longer.

And so, while I hope not to find myself straddling the corner of the bed with Michael's one hand on the small of my back holding me in place while he reddens my bottom with wooden implements held in his other hand again anytime soon, at least it all ended in a much more enjoyable manner.


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