Reflections and Resolutions

It's January.

It's a new year, a new beginning.

2014 has ended and 2015 has begun.

I feel like I should write about reflections of the past year and/or resolutions for the new year.

But honestly I don't feel like writing about either.

Every time I start to think about the past year, well, it just feels like a lot.

Yes, some good things have come out of it all, but sorting through all of that, well, I don't think I'm ready yet.  I need a little more distance from it, a little more healing needs to go on in my heart.  In a lot of ways I feel like Michael and I are rebuilding our relationship.  That's a good thing, since it was nearly destroyed.  But, I don't think that revisiting events of the past year is going to help at this point.

So, what about resolutions for the new year?

Honestly?  Resolutions just aren't something I'm focused on right now.  I'm taking life as it comes, taking it one day at a time.  I have started reading through the Bible in a year.  I've done that before, but it has been awhile.

So, what should I write about?

I don't know.

I didn't write very much or very often last year.

Our journey took us through some stormy seas and I was busy trying to keep the boat from sinking.

What does this year have in store?

Who knows.

I hope for good things to come.  But life is unpredictable.

So, what should I write about?

Our journey I guess.

Wherever it takes us.


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