Our Busy, Hectic, Stressful Life

Is your life busy? Hectic? Stressful?

I imagine more people would answer yes than no. And even if your answer is no, I'm sure there have been times in your life when you would've answered with a resounding YES! That would definitely be my answer at this point.

Michael has been gone more and home less. Yes, that is possible, unfortunately.

We're helping our daughter get prepared to go to college this fall. She was accepted to the school she really wants to attend and we're so happy for her and proud of her. But, there are so many details and so much paperwork (well, mostly on the computer, but still forms to fill out, decisions to be made, etc.). As exciting as it is, it's stressful too.

Last month our daughter was diagnosed with a health condition. It was pretty scary at first. She's on medication and while she has experienced some side effects from it, those have lessened and she has started to feel better. We're very thankful for that!

We're thinking about moving. Well, not just thinking about it, really looking into it. It's exciting, but daunting as well. We've lived in this house, the first home we've owned, for almost 13 years. It's the only place our son remembers living. There are a lot of memories here and family and friends nearby. There are definitely people and things we'll miss. That said, we're ready for our next adventure, the next leg of our journey. It scares me and excites me all at the same time. We don't have definite plans as of yet, but we are traveling to the prospective area (several states away from our current home) next month.

It feels like someone is watching a video/dvd/blu-ray of our lives and has hit fast forward or something.We just have so much going on and I have a feeling that's what this whole year is going to be like.  It seems to be the season of life we're in right now.

Are you feeling the same way? Does it feel like someone has hit fast forward on your life too?  If so, well, at least you're in good company!


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