Then & Now

This has been a topsy turvy, rock your world, kind of a year.  It started off that way in January and has continued into December.  Because of the events that have come to pass this year DD has looked very different for us.  It just hasn't been a focal point.  However, that doesn't mean that it disappeared altogether.  Ttwd just took on a very different look and feel.  And that's a big part of why I haven't written much about it in awhile.

Quite honestly, there were a few months, maybe several even, when ttwd was nearly inexistent.  In fact, the discipline aspect has been absent or nearly so for almost the entire year.  If I add them up, the spankings that have occurred that is, I doubt they'd even average out to one per month, maybe not even one every other month.  The fact of the matter is that while aspects of ttwd have helped us weather the storms this year has brought, spanking, particularly disciplinary spanking, would likely have made things worse or at the very least further muddied the already murky looking waters.

That said, I see change on the horizon.  I certainly felt it on my bottom last weekend!  I'd forgotten just how hard Michael can spank and how well he manages to hit that tender spot where my bottom meets my thighs.  And I'd definitely forgotten just how much that stupid wooden bath brush stings!

Keeping calm wasn't something I managed.  I'm quite, I know...that I ended up with more swats because I was not at all cooperative.  As such I was left with a lingering soreness.  I'd forgotten how that feels too.

So, is this kind of a "one hit wonder" or are spankings part of our routine again?  I don't know.  A comment Michael made makes me think that I'll have more to share here sooner rather than later, but I guess we'll see.


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