Naughty Kitten Gets Brushed

I was pushing my luck, pushing him.


Lack of sleep, stress, feeling neglected, etc.

Regardless of the reasons, he wasn't putting up with it.

Like me he was tired, feeling stressed, lacking connection with me, etc.

I pushed too far and out came the wooden bath brush.

Down came my pajama bottoms as he bent me over the dryer.

I wasn't cooperative.

I squirmed and tried to get away.

He wasn't putting up with that either.

The more I fought him, the firmer he held me and the harder he swatted my bottom.

At one point something strange happened.

I reached a breaking point.

I started to cry.

That rarely happens when he spanks me.

Well, actually, it had never happened during a spanking.

I'd cried before a spanking or afterward, not during.

I didn't sob, but some tears started to fall and my demeanor started to change.

He continued to spank until he decided that I'd had enough.

Then he pulled me into him and held me tight.

Normally at that point I'd be melting into him, trying to snuggle in so close that he sometimes reminds me that I can't actually climb inside of him.

But, I didn't do that.

This was a new experience and I didn't know how I should feel, much less how I actually felt.

It took me a little while to accept what had happened.

I withdrew, not completely, but a little bit.

I was processing.

He was concerned and wanted to be sure I was okay, but he allowed me some space.

He headed into the family room to put his feet up.

It wasn't long before I joined him.

I snuggled up alongside him, under his arm.

My bottom was sore.

But my heart was content.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!
~ Michael & Grace ~


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