My Squeaky Buns

I just thought I'd share something we got a laugh at over the weekend. 

You may or may not know that I have some food intolerances.  It isn't some kind of a fad diet for me, it's how I need to eat to be healthy and not miserable. 

Anyway, this weekend Michael made up some sloppy joe meat.  (our son had been bugging for a couple of weeks to have sloppy joes)  I always have mine open face (less messy) and I usually put the meat on an Udi's gluten free hamburger bun.  Well, when I started cutting into the sloppy joes, there was this squeaking noise.  I paused for a second and then started cutting again and there was the squeaking noise again! 

Well, I don't remember who said something first, but soon Michael and I and our kids were all laughing over "mom's squeaky buns."

Those little moments are the ones I cherish.  Even in the midst of difficulties, there is joy.


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