My husband has started calling me by a new name recently.

Michael is usually gone M-F and he's almost always awake before I am, so most mornings I wake up and see a text that says some variation of Good morning babygirl!  Daddy loves you!  

Yesterday morning was no exception, but when I sent him a text back that said Good morning Daddy! he replied Good morning kitten!  How are you?

Kitten?  He doesn't call me kitten.

I checked to be sure I was indeed texting with my husband, and yes, I was.  Mind you, I have no idea who else would call me kitten!  No one, that's who.

I sort of stumbled through my response, Oh, um, okay I guess.  How are you?

I'm pretty sure he was chuckling to himself by then, knowing that he'd thrown me, which is likely precisely what he was trying to do.

I didn't think too much more about it yesterday, at least until I sent him a goodnight text.  And then I thought, hmmm, how would "kitten" refer to Michael?  So, my goodnight text said, Goodnight Master!  I love you!!!  In retrospect perhaps I should've said your kitten loves you, but I didn't think of that then.

Fast forward to this morning and I awoke to see a text from Michael that said Good morning kitten!  I love you!!! 


I decided to try out another response, Good morning, Sir!

Then this afternoon I got a text from him, Love you kitten 
How did I reply?  
I haven't decided how I should respond when you call me that...I love you too...Daddy?  Master?  Sir?  
His response?  
Ok.  That works.  

 And that left us both chuckling!


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