Facebook Anyone?

So, I decided to set up a Facebook account.  Does anyone else here have one?  Well, I suppose most of you do, but what I mean is, do you have one under your blog name and/or that you use for blogland contacts?  If so, I'd love it if you'd send me a friend request.  (I'm talking to you too lurkers.)

Here I am on Facebook: Grace Fulbright

I'm on Twitter , Google+ and Pinterest too. :)

I know that I had basically retreated for awhile.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes that's how I deal with things, a coping mechanism I suppose.  Please know that it was nothing personal and that I missed everyone!

Oh, I came across this today and really laughed out loud.

Have you ever thought that before?  And I do mean in the sense that you're needing a certain kind of attention, a.k.a. spanking.  Sometimes, as tuned into us as most of our men are, they don't always see what is obvious to us. Mind you, other times they see it before we do (uhoh!).  But this still made me laugh.  ;)


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