What does DD really stand for?

I live in a part of the country where there are a lot of Dunkin Donuts (a coffee & donut shop for anyone who may not know). And some of their marketing has a big DD on it. While to them the DD stands for Dunkin Donuts, of course it stands for something quite different to me and the rest of us in this little corner of blogland. And so, I started wondering if they have merchandise with DD on it.  So I went to their website and had a look. I didn't find a lot, which is too bad really, but I did find these shirts...

 ( images from www.dunkindonuts.com )

Now am I the only one who thinks these are kind of fun?  I mean, everyone else would just think you liked Dunkin Donuts, but you and your HOH would know what that DD really stands for, right?  And I mean, that second D is even always pink.  Makes sense since that one stands for discipline!  lol 

Hmmm, would you wear one of these if you were going to meet up with a friend from blogland?  Maybe you would put it on as a signal to your hubby that you have something to confess or that you may need some of his attention?  What sort of signal do you think it would be for you if your HOH put one of these shirts on?

I think Dunkin Donuts should come out with more merchandise with the DD logo!  What about you?


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