I am His


Saturday night didn't go well.  I was disappointed and frustrated.  My emotions were spiraling.  And though it was already late, Michael had to go.  Oh, he'd be coming back, shortly even, but that wasn't a source of comfort for me at the time.  I didn't want conflict.  And so, after he left, I put myself to bed.

Sunday morning I found out that Michael had also been disappointed and frustrated upon finding me asleep in bed when he got home the night before.  There were words spoken and a quick spanking given.  Expectations were expressed, among them that we would have a good day in spite of the night before.

Sunday night we were in bed.  The day had gone well.  It was late though and I knew Michael had to get up early, though I didn't know just how early.  I figured we'd probably just snuggle and fall asleep.  Michael had other ideas.  He wanted to be sure that I knew that I belonged to him, that I was his, every bit of me.  He started out with some kissing.  That man of mine really is a great kisser!  But soon enough he had me flat on my back, arms stretched above my head with him hovering over me.  This is one of his favorite positions for having discussions.  Picture him informing me of how things are, of expectations, etc. and me replying with Yes, Sir or Yes, Daddy.  That's how it usually goes and Sunday night was no exception.  After that I was summarily stripped down, flipped over with my legs spread and my head down and of course my bottom up in the air.  What followed was a hand spanking.  He was very thorough, making sure to cover both cheeks and, in my opinion, paying way too much attention to those sit spots!  In the position he had me in I couldn't really clench my cheeks and it was hard to stay still, but it was very clear that's exactly what he expected me to do.  My bottom was very well spanked when he was through.

To be honest, the rest of the night is a bit of a blur.  He informed me that no matter what, I was not allowed release until I had permission.  With him exploring my body with his hands and mouth that was hard enough, but then once he entered me that became much more difficult.  Usually when he asks this of me he'll give me permission at some point without my asking, but not this night.  No, I had to ask.  And the first few times I asked I was told no, not yet.  Torture!  Sweet torture, yes.  But still torture!  I did have a bit of a reprieve while I pleasured him, but even then he was sure to torment me a bit.  I will say that when he finally allowed me my release it was exquisite.  I was completely spent.  I rolled onto my side and he moved in to spoon me.  He whispered into my ear, telling me that I am his as he wrapped his arms around me possessively and I melted into him.

For a weekend with such a bad start, things certainly ended wonderfully.  There was even a lingering soreness to serve as a reminder to start off my week.


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