As the song lyrics go...summertime and the livin' is easy.  Well, I don't know about you, but summer is usually pretty busy for us.  As our kids get older they have more and more going on.  And Michael's work schedule ramps up from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

This year we're starting the summer off with my parents coming for a visit.  They'll be here in a couple of days and are staying for about three weeks.  After that there's all sorts of things on the schedule...a wedding, VBS (vacation bible school), day camp, sleep over camp, our daughter's first time flying on her own, a camping trip, etc.  Before we know it, it will probably be September.

I'm really hoping for lovely weather this summer.  Our winter was long and, more like frigid.  And I'm just not a fan of cold weather.  Michael on the other hand isn't a fan of hot weather.  I'm hoping for warm temps, lots of sunshine, not too many bugs and relatively low humidity.  That's a pretty tall order for where we live, but hey, a girl can hope, right?

I'm not sure how much I'll be around blogland for the next few weeks with my parents here.  I probably won't have anything to share anyway as I can't imagine Michael and I will have much privacy...not that we do these days anyway.  As the kids get older it gets harder and harder to find time and space to ourselves.  They stay up later and are more observant and less oblivious when it comes to interactions between mom and dad.  And it's not that often that Michael is home and neither of the kids are here.  It's just the phase of life we're in right now I guess.  And it's not that I'd like to rush it because I enjoy having the kids around, but a little more privacy would be lovely.

Anywho, what about you?  Is your summer a time of relaxation and kicking back and just enjoying life or is it crazy busy and you have to grab the moments where and when you can?  Either way, I hope this summer is a great one for all of us!  :)


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