I've decided to do a 5K.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I just may be crazy. lol

I haven't picked a race yet. I'm not ready to do one this spring and with the heat and humidity in the summer, well, that's not going to work well for me. So, I'm thinking sometime this fall would be good.

I'm training using the run/walk method...similar to the couch to 5K regimen, but I'm modifying to fit my own needs.

So far so good. I'm pretty slow at this point, but that's okay, I'm improving.

Once the soreness wears off after a workout it's nice to feel things toning up a bit and I've lost about 15 pounds too. Yay!

I've been using the treadmill, but I'll need to transition to outside at some point. And I think I need to get some better sneakers/running shoes.

Are there other runners here? (I hesitate to call myself a runner at this point, but hey, everyone has to get started somewhere.) Any tips or tricks you can pass along? Oh, and what songs do you like to listen to while you're running, to keep you motivated? I've been listening to Fuel by Metallica when I sprint at the end (the live version with the San Fransisco Orchestra).

Anyone not a runner, but want to get started? If you google (or Pinterest) couch to 5K or 5K training tips, you'll find a ton of info and different regimens you can follow or modify. I've been doing a 5 min warm up, then stretching, then doing the 5K (which is 3.1 miles), then a 5 min cool down and then stretching again. At this point for the 5K portion I'm running 6 min, walking 2 min, running 6 min, walking 2 min, etc. Then I sprint at the end. I'll be changing that up, but that's where I am at this point.

So, who wants to do a 5K with me this fall? Oh, I know, we may not live close and be able to do the same 5K together, but you could sign up for one near you and I'll sign up for one near me and we can help keep each other motivated! Come on, I can't be the only crazy one here...can I?


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