A Request

As you probably know, Michael and I have had our struggles this year. 2014 hasn't been at all what I was expecting thus far. Michael made a mistake, well, a series of mistakes really, that led us, our family, into a circumstance that far too many have found themselves in, but one that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Anyway, on Thursday Michael has to meet with some people and those people will be the ones who determine what happens. There will likely be a process that Michael has to go through before a decision is made.

In some ways I'm glad that this day is almost here. We've been living in limbo, with this hanging over our heads, since January. Unfortunately there was only so much Michael could do once the ball was rolling and we had to wait for the process to unfold.

Thursday feels like a big day and at this point I'm filled both with hope and fear when I think about it. I've been praying a LOT. I know what I want, but I don't know what God's plan is. Trusting him is hard sometimes, but I'm trying.

So, while I may not have an update for you right away, I ask that you pray for us, for Michael, for myself, for our family, for those who will be making this decision that will greatly impact our lives. Please pray for a positive outcome and for God's guidance, protection, comfort and peace. It's more important to us that his will be done, that this go according to his plan, rather than ours.  That said, this hasn't been an easy road to walk and it could get a lot rougher from here.  But, I'm hoping instead for some smooth sailing ahead.


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