Spanky Spanky Sexy Sexy

It's a silly name for a post I know.  But, what can I say?  Sometimes I am a silly thing after all.  lol

Michael sent me a text yesterday afternoon. "Would you like to see Daddy?" And of course I replied "Yes, please!!!!!" I do love me a mid week Daddy treat!

We had a nice family evening, but the fun really began once the kiddos were off to bed. I was hoping for a spanking. Yes, I am a little bit crazy. I mean, the caning I'd received Sunday night was pretty intense. But, that was a punishment. What I wanted last night was more about the connection that comes with a spanking. And Michael did not disappoint. He stripped me down and when he got up to check the door and sort through the implement drawer I buried myself under the blanket. When he turned around he could barely find me and laughed and asked if I was cold. When I nodded he said that he had the perfect way to warm me up. Out from under the covers I came and he started warming my bottom up. I will say that I got a bit more than I had bargained for and when I asked him about that he simply said that he wanted to be sure I had something to remember him by once he was gone again.

I figured that afterward we'd cuddle up and drift off to sleep, but Michael had other ideas. Spanky spanky had been checked off the list and now it was time for some sexy sexy. lol For some reason we struggled a bit with positions. I don't know what that was all about, but the first couple of tries just didn't feel right. But once we settled into a good position, wowsa! Michael teases and says that I have a hair-pin trigger. I don't know about that. It's certainly not always true. But, last night it really didn't take much to get me going...and going...and going. Of course there had been quite a lead up to that point. I mean there was the spanky spanky and then some teasy teasy and then the sexy sexy.

Oh, I left out something that Michael did last night. I laid my head down on the bed and he leaned over me and just whispered words into my ear. He'd say one word, quietly, but firmly and wait for my reaction and then say another word. I don't honestly remember all that he said, but they were things like...paddle...spank...pull...pinch. And then we tried a little word association. I would say a word like...soft...and he would reply with another word, like...stroke. If you haven't tried anything like that I recommend it. I mean, with him leaning over me, his hot breath in my ear, whispering such words...well...yeah, let's just say that it was definitely a nice addition to our pre-lovemaking activities!

Michael left this morning, headed about 1000 miles from home. I'll see him again sometime this weekend. The lovely mid week treat will hold me over until then, but honestly, I can't wait! I'm always threatening to kidnap him or stow away somehow and go with him. It's hard to miss him so when he's gone, but that's so much better than not being able to wait until he's gone. That's a trade off I'm willing to make!


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