If you met us in person

You might be disappointed. Michael and I are in our 40's. We both could stand to lose some weight. That's something we've each struggled with most of our lives, to one degree or another. It's doubtful that Michael will come across as Super Dom/HOH and it's probably even less likely that I will come off as Sweet/Demure Submissive.

If we met we may or may not talk about ttwd. And if I get a little feisty, well, you might see Michael give me a look, but maybe not even that. While I talk a lot about our dynamic here, it's something we keep private otherwise. If something I did or said upset him he'll talk with me later about it. But remember, what one HOH considers disrespectful or unacceptable doesn't necessarily mean that every HOH finds it so. Something your husband may get upset about, mine may not. Of course that works the other way too, something your husband is okay with, Michael might not find tolerable.

If we met we would simply enjoy getting to know you. Obviously we already know that we have something in common and if we decided to meet up, I imagine we get along well in our online interactions. But, it's hard to predict the chemistry between people, how well they'll get along in person, if they'll connect with one another, what they'll decide to talk about, if the conversation will flow naturally or be more stilted, etc. Hopefully those "first meet-up" nerves would quickly subside and we'd soon find ourselves immersed in conversation (an adult beverage may help that along, lol).

The reality is, we're real people. We're your friends. We're your family. We're your co-workers. We're just another couple, just another family in the neighborhood. And we happen to include DD in our relationship dynamic.

So, you might be disappointed.

Then again, you might find that refreshing.

When online friends meet in person.  lol


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