Month of Thankfulness

It's November and soon enough we'll celebrate Thanksgiving.  While we should be thankful every single day, Thanksgiving is a holiday set aside especially to give thanks.  What a wonderful thing!  Oh, I know, it gets somewhat overlooked sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  And I imagine it's a good thing there's a big meal involved otherwise it would be totally overshadowed by Black Friday.  Why is it that we have a huge shopping day the day after giving thanks for all that we have?

Thanksgiving is just one day, but for the past few years I've participated in the Month of Thankfulness Challenge on Facebook.  It's easy to participate.  All you do each day in the month of November is share about something that you're thankful for.  It could be something big, an important part of your life or something that had a big impact on can be something small, that makes your life a little easier or just puts a smile on your face.  

It has been great to focus on the things I'm thankful for.  And every day rather than struggling to come up with one thing to share it has been harder to decide which thing to share.  It has also been wonderful to read through my news feed and see all that my friends are thankful for.  But, there's something that I'm thankful for that I can't share about on Facebook.  I can't share how thankful I am for this community in blogland and the impact that DD has had on my marriage.  And so today I'm going to share that here instead.

A little over two years ago Michael and I made a big decision, the decision to incorporate DD into our marriage dynamic.  We had tried it out many years earlier, but we just weren't committed to it then and over time it went by the way side.  This time was different though.  We were struggling in our marriage...I mean really struggling.  We still loved each other, but things had been falling apart for awhile.  And honestly, we were at a breaking point.  It felt over, or nearly so.  It was a bad place to be and not one I'd wish on anyone.  We had a decision to make.  We were either going to fight for our marriage or try to figure out how to live together until our kids were grown.  Well, both of us can be quite stubborn.  And while that's not always a good thing, in this case it meant that we weren't willing to throw in the towel.  We made the decision to try DD again.  No, that's not really accurate.  Both of us knew we weren't just trying it this time.  We knew that this was it, our last ditch effort, or at least it felt that way at the time.  As such, we both went into this committed to making it work.  And though it felt right from the very beginning that doesn't mean that it has always been easy.  If you've read much on this blog you know that's not the case.  But, the difference that ttwd has made in our relationship and in each of us as individuals has been amazing!

Soon after starting to incorporate DD into our relationship I started blogging.  I knew I needed to be able to share about this journey we were on and writing has always helped me sort things out.  What I was amazed by was the feedback and support from others in this corner of blogland.  Oh, I had hoped for that, but I was honestly quite shocked when I received my first comment and then another and then another.  Someone, more than one person in fact, was reading what I was writing.  And not only that, they were reaching out to me as well.  Wow!  In the past couple of years I've made some wonderful friends here.  So many have reached out to me to offer advice or support or feedback...maybe a nudge or a jovial jab here and there as well.  I only hope that I've been able to offer that to return.

Anyway, my thankfulness status today on Facebook will have nothing to do with this of course as people just wouldn't understand.  But I wanted all of you to know how thankful I am for you and for this thing we do, DD, or whatever you prefer to call it.  I'm also thankful for those who lurk here, including those who were willing to say hello yesterday.  You're more than welcome here anytime, whether you comment or not, but it would be nice if you said hi every now and then.  And of course I'm thankful for my husband Michael, who was willing to join me in this crazy journey we call life, who embraced DD, was willing to learn and change, and put up with me, his wife, who wanted this, but had a hard time giving up control, and who still does at times.  There are so many wonderful people and things in my life; I'm so very blessed, and so very thankful.


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