Love to the Lurkers

It's that time of the year again, Love Our Lurkers Day!  Thanks to Bonnie for organizing this event once again!

So, what is a lurker, you may wonder.  Well, a lurker is someone who reads, but doesn't comment.  Many who blog now actually started out as lurkers first.  I think it's normal to read around blogland a little before deciding to make yourself known and saying hello.

I actually feel very blessed to have readers, whether they comment or not.  But, I have to say that it does make me smile and warms my heart when someone decides to put themselves out there and connect with me either via a comment or email.

Believe it or not, sometimes it's hard for me to put myself out there too... whether it's writing and sharing a blog post or commenting on someone else's blog.  But, ya know what?  I've found it very rewarding.  I've gotten to know more people, gained insight and support and hopefully have given it too.  I've made friends here in blogland, some of whom I've gotten to know outside of blogland as well.  Though it was scary at first, and still is sometimes, it has been so worth it.

I hope that if you're a lurker you know that I'm glad to have you here, whether you ever comment or not.  But, I would like to encourage you to make yourself could share something about yourself...or comment on me or my blog or this lifestyle...or even just say hello.  If you'd like, do so anonymously or pick a name to go real name isn't Grace after all.  You can leave a comment to this (or any other) post or shoot me an email at grace.enjoyingthejourney @ (just take the spaces out).

Let's see, what else is there to say?  Oh, I know...


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