Who's Your Daddy?

I thought I’d write a little about the Daddy Dom/babygirl dynamic. Like DD there are many ways to incorporate it and how it looks in our relationship may not be the same as it is for others. Many think of regression as being a part of the dynamic. And for some it certainly is and is perhaps even a big part. But for us it’s about the loving, caring, nurturing aspects of the dynamic.

Perhaps I’m just confusing you at this point. I guess I’ll start by explaining what I mean by regression. Some babygirls essentially regress back to a younger age. They may enjoy watching cartoons or coloring or wearing braids with hair ribbons or what have you. This is often referred to as age play and sometimes these babygirls are referred to as littles. To be clear, it’s not incest or child abuse because we’re talking about full grown adults (both the woman and man) who aren’t related (except perhaps by marriage) interacting. I’m certainly not judging that, but that’s not what this looks like for us.

I will admit that there is a childlike side of me. But, for me this isn't about participating in childlike activities or regressing to a younger age. It has more to do with allowing that sense of curiosity and imagination and the willingness to be open and trust. It’s about how I look at the world and my attitude about life. I’m not ignorant, naïve or uneducated. I’m an adult and fully capable of taking care of myself and my kids. But within this dynamic I am free to be myself without certain expectations placed upon me.  I guess you could say that I can allow my inner child out to play.

I strive to make Michael proud of me. And he strives to take care of me and keep me safe, both physically and emotionally. He has expectations of me and if I fail to meet them I’m often more upset about it than he is. When lines are crossed he will deal with that and me. But he’s always very caring and nurturing. He guides me and really wants what’s best for me. I want to please him and it’s crazy how much it warms my heart when he tells me that he’s proud of me. He can be quite strong and firm with me, but it’s in such a loving way.

There’s a sense playfulness that we both enjoy and openness too. I don’t have to fear rejection or judgment. I can share what I think and how I feel and know that I’m safe in his hands. And that level of trust continues to grow. I can allow myself to be free to explore new things. I know he’d never let any harm come to me. I don’t need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of my body or any other aspect of myself because he loves and accepts me as I am.  I think I can be both sweeter and more mischievous within this dynamic. And Michael doesn’t feel like he has to be so serious, which I think he felt sometimes before.  I think he feels more free to be himself as well.   

One of our very favorite things to do is just cuddle with one another. There’s an openness and level of intimacy that we have now that we just didn’t have before. And I’d say we’ve stepped things up in the Dominance and submission departments. Michael has been both asking and expecting more of me. And I’ve been able to let go more easily and follow his lead. Honestly, it all just feels so much more natural and comfortable.

I don’t know that I’ve explained any of this very well. What I’ve described may sound a lot like your dynamic (but perhaps without the terms Daddy and babygirl), or perhaps not. There is still DD, but it’s just one aspect of our dynamic. DD/bg is just another aspect. They go hand in hand for us and aren’t really separate things, but rather are encompassed in what we call ttwd. In all of it we’re just trying to find what works for us, what feels comfortable to us.  And the terms we use don’t define us, but rather, we put our stamp on those terms. I’m not trying to convince anyone or convert anyone.  And I'm not turning this into a DD/bg themed blog.  Really I just wanted to share about what has become a big part of our dynamic in hopes that it would help some understand and see beyond the stigma that's sometimes associated with it.


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