Sunday Night Stress Relief

It was Sunday night. It had been a busy and sometimes rather stressful week. But, in the end things had worked out and the weekend had gone well too. Michael and I finally had some time to reconnect, but I knew he was pretty tired. But, with the week we’d just gone through and the one we had coming up, I knew I needed something.

Earlier we’d been in the kitchen and Michael had playfully swatted my bottom a few times with a spatula. Well, I call it a spatula, but I guess it’s called a scraper. Okay, its full name is the Mix ‘N Scraper. It’s a Pampered Chef product. 

It’s a handy kitchen tool. It’s quite sturdy and the silicone scraper head is somewhat rounded.  It’s great for mixing and scooping and scraping the sides of the bowl. Michael seemed pleased with my reaction when he swatted me with it and so it made its way into the bedroom with us when we went to bed. You may or may not be surprised, but I was the one who took it upstairs. I think he was surprised when I handed it to him, but pleasantly so.  He may have been tired, but what spanko HOH can resist trying out a new toy?

Off my clothes came, and then I was up on my hands and knees on my side of the bed. He lay next to me, one arm underneath me as the other got busy delivering swats to my bottom with the spatula scraper. He paused a couple of times and I thought he was done, but he continued.  He had spanked me pretty thoroughly, but I was curious how it would feel in a different position, otk.  So we switched positions and tried it out that way too. At one point Michael decided to try a swat with the scooped out side of the scraper and wow was that loud, but I hardly felt it. We both laughed and said that was the side to use if you were just putting on a show. Needless to say that was the first, last and only swat I got with that side of the scraper!

I have to say that overall I rather liked this as an implement. It delivers part sting and part thud and left kind of a burning sensation behind. It’s definitely quieter than many other implements, like a wooden spoon, but not as quiet as say the loopy johnny or the cane. It’s much less severe than either the loopy johnny or the cane though. While those implements may be quieter, I’m certainly not when they’re being applied. I would say that this implement is good for a reconnect or stress relief type of spanking, at least for us. In fact, Michael even used it on my back a little which felt quite wonderful. It left me feeling like I’d had a massage. I think I still prefer the flogger for that, but we’ll have to try it out again sometime, you know, just to see.

I’m pretty sure Michael enjoyed himself, since it led to some other quite enjoyable activities. And he has already mentioned perusing the selection of scrapers available for commercial kitchens. Apparently some are quite large. While I don’t think that’s necessary, it does seem I’ll need to purchase another Pampered Chef scraper.


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