Rememberers (a mid-week treat)

Yes, I’m making up words now. What is a rememberer, you may ask. Well, from the sound of the word it seems like it should be someone who remembers. But, actually, what I’m referring to is something designed to help you, or actually, me, remember. Oh, you might call them reminders. But, I’m sticking with rememberers.

Last night was a rare mid-week treat. Michael made it home. The kids and I go to church Wednesday nights and he was waiting for us when we got back. I have no idea why I ended up being a bit out of sorts (I’m blaming hormones), but Michael had an idea of how he could fix that and get me back on course. When we went up to bed he instructed me to strip and lie face down on the bed over his leg. He had one arm on my back and his other leg was over mine. I wasn’t going anywhere. He proceeded to spank me with his hand and he talked a bit too. He knows what sets me to rights and that’s it. What is often needed is his undivided attention, and it’s usually with my bare bottom in the air. When he was done, or I supposed he was done, he asked me if I thought I could behave myself. I hesitated and then told him that I might need a couple to remember. He was more than happy to oblige and gave me two much harder swats, one to each of my sit spots. Oh yes, I would remember those for awhile! Afterward I continued to lie in the same position while Michael stroked my hair and we talked. I don’t remember just how the conversation went, but at some point we ended up calling those last two spanks rememberers. Okay, okay, I called them that and he laughed and found the name fitting.

We then went on to enjoy some other lovely pursuits and finished off the evening snuggled up to one another, drifting off to sleep. What an enjoyable mid-week treat it turned out to be! And I’m sure that there will be more rememberers in my future.


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