Stereotypes and Other Stuff

I belong to a homeschool support group. While most of the interaction is online there are meet-ups and such planned every so often as well. The group of ladies are pretty close, especially for a large group and most are Christians. The discussions go way beyond homeschooling and into just about any area of life you can think of. There’s the question about what new vacuum to buy since the old one died. There’s someone who can’t figure out how to get her teenager back on track. There’s the question of what everyone is planning for dinner and please include the recipe. There are the stories of what the toddler got into. The latest family photos are shared. The flat tire while on vacation is mentioned. There are prayer requests for family and friends. But lately what I’ve been noticing is how many are having marital difficulties. It seems that so many are either struggling to stay afloat or they’re taking steps to get a divorce. I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything different from this group just because it’s made up mostly of Christian homeschool moms, but it saddens me. It also makes me so grateful for my husband Michael. He’s not perfect. He has his shortcomings. But, what he wants most is for me to be taken care of and happy and he’s willing to change and adapt and put in the time and effort to achieve that goal.

I feel like we’re heading in more of a D/s direction lately. That’s not to say that we’re abandoning DD. For us it’s always been a mixture of things anyway, not strictly DD. That’s why I started using the term ttwd (this thing we do). And actually, in my opinion, DD falls under the D/s umbrella. An HOH is essentially a type of Dominant and a TiH (or whatever other term you want to use) is essentially a type of submissive. I know, I know, some of you are bristling right now. I understand that some people have negative connotations with those terms. But, if you can separate yourself from that visceral reaction, I think you may just concede that I have a point.

Our relationship has taken on a bit of a Daddy Dom/babygirl dynamic over time. I’m not sure that I can adequately explain what I mean by that though. While Daddy and babygirl are terms that mean more to us than just sweet pet names for each other, we also don’t take the dynamic to the extreme that some do. As with DD, we take what works for us and leave the rest. I do realize that some get squeamish or are totally repulsed by the idea of a woman calling her husband Daddy or a man calling his wife babygirl. But the term Daddy doesn’t mean the same thing when I apply it to Michael as it means in regard to my father. And the term babygirl certainly doesn’t mean the same thing in regard to me as it does to our daughter. Just like some people can’t separate the idea of DD/spanking with abuse, some won’t be able to understand the Daddy Dom/babygirl dynamic. That’s a shame honestly, but understandable. At some point I hope to write a post explaining this aspect of our dynamic more, but I’m not ready to do that yet.

Michael celebrated a birthday recently. As he’s done in years past, he threatened, teased and taunted me about giving me his birthday spankings. But, also as in years past, he didn’t actually give them to me. Since the number of swats will obviously increase each year, I think I’m okay with that! And if he tries to bring it up now I’ll tell him that the statute of limitations has expired! lol  I wonder if a similar scenario will play out in a couple of months when it's my birthday.  I guess I shall wait and see.

Fall is here and we’ve settled into a routine of school and fall sports and have managed to fit in a few fun seasonal activities here and there too. For many years fall was my favorite season. As I get older I like the cooler weather less and less though. Early fall with the warm days, but without the high humidity and annoying bugs is still lovely. But as the temps cool I will start to dread the coming of winter more and more. And unfortunately I’ve heard that the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold and snow filled winter for us. I may become a hermit or decide to hibernate...that is, unless perhaps someone who lives in a warmer climate would like a house guest!  lol


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