Not Feeling Well

Unfortunately I haven't felt well for about a week.  I wasn't too bad at first, but by mid week I wasn't doing well at all.  I'm on medication and it seems to be helping, though I'm definitely not 100% yet.  That said, I do feel better than I did...which is a good thing because, well, I felt horrible.  

Michael managed to make it home a couple of times during the week this past week to check on me and take care of me.  He was worried about me. I know the kids were concerned too.  You know I'm really not feeling well if I'm not able to hide it from the kids.  I don't like them to worry.

I spent the past week alternating between pushing myself to get things done, to get through certain things and then collapsing afterward. Yesterday was the first day that I felt well enough to genuinely be able to enjoy myself and it was wonderful.  Michael and I and the kids had a really lovely family day together.  Today I decided to tackle a little of the cleaning around the house, since a lot had been neglected.  It felt good to get something accomplished.  We'll start our school year this week, so I'm glad that I'm slowly, but surely feeling better.  

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know why I haven't been around for the past week.  I hope that your week was better than mine and I hope you enjoyed Labor Day weekend.  Happy September!


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