Just Another Day

Recently Susie shared a post about a day in the life of MM and it made me think of a post I had written while I was taking a break, on hiatus, whatever you want to call it. I wasn't sure if it would ever get posted because I wasn't sure if I was going to continue blogging or not at that point. Anyway, it's probably a pretty boring post, but perhaps it gives you a small glimpse into my life in a way that I don't usually share here. *shrug*


As I’m writing I can hear the vacuum running upstairs. My daughter is cleaning out her guinea pig cage. A bit louder than that is the sound coming from the family room. My son is playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. As for me, I’m sitting at the dining room table. My cell phone is propped up on my laptop with the Air1 app open and playing. Gold by Britt Nicole is on right now. My daughter likes this song, but it’s just one of many songs she likes. I’m wondering if it’s wise to keep blogging. Do I really have anything to say, anything worth sharing?

Heal this Home by Luminate is on now. It’s a song that reminds me of a period of time when my husband and I were feeling pretty disconnected. It wasn’t what either of us wanted, it wasn’t what we’d intended. And yet, when the road got bumpy we started to turn away from one another instead of clinging to each other and taking life on together. What we learned is that if you aren’t diligent, if you don’t make your marriage a priority, the distance will creep in. It can happen all too easily.

Can’t Shut Up by Anthem Lights is on. I’m singing along. Have you heard it before? Maybe you like it too. Maybe you’ve never heard it. But if you did, I bet you’d like it…though of course I could be wrong. Surely you’d like the lyrics at least…right? Well, why don’t you check it out and let me know.

(sorry, I tried to embed the actual video, but either blogger or youtube didn't want to cooperate, so that's why I just shared a link instead)

And on that note, I’m going to get some dinner.  It’s a “get your own”, “eat up the leftovers” night here.  I’m going to have buttered noodles I think.  Well actually I can’t have butter, but saying that I’m going to have buttered noodles is shorter than saying that I’m going to have noodles with Earth Balance, Italian seasoning and a little black pepper.  Either way it’s yummy though.


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