Is Satan to Blame?

Recently, I heard a pastor say that he doesn't think that Satan bothers with him. He seemed to think that he’s small potatoes and surely Satan concentrates his efforts elsewhere. He said that he simply trips himself up.

While I agree that we all, being human, do trip ourselves up at times, I disagree with the rest. I think that especially if you believe in God, if you're a Christ follower, you are on Satan’s radar. And even if you’re not a Christian, the notion that Satan ignores you because he has bigger fish to fry seems naive to me.

I'm not saying that we hold no responsibility for our own actions. You certainly can’t place all the blame on the devil when you make wrong choices. But, when I've chosen the wrong path I believe it's because I chose to listen to the wrong voice, to wittingly or unwittingly, follow Satan’s lead. And when I choose the right path it's because I've chosen to listen to the right voice, to follow God’s lead. In either case, yes, I'm the one who made the decision which way to go, whom to allow influence over me, whom to listen to, whom to follow. It’s true that the choice is mine and I can either choose wisely or poorly. And so the responsibility for that decision also falls on me. But, in either case, there’s also influence from another involved, either good or evil.

The thing is, each of us influences others we come across in our lives. And God wants us to influence them for good, while Satan wishes for us to influence them for evil. To think that any of us are somehow immune to Satan’s influence or that he doesn't bother with us seems dangerous to me. If you neglect to see the danger, how can you avoid it? If you refuse to recognize the negative influence, how can you overcome it?

What do you think? Do you agree with the pastor that Satan has bigger fish to fry and leaves you alone? Or do you agree with me that we’re all targets as far as Satan is concerned?


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