Drama Queen

I’m not the type of person who usually engages in drama. Actually, I usually try to avoid it. But last week I found myself caught up in it.

A relative got her panties all in a bunch over something I said. Yes, it was probably something I should’ve kept to myself, thought but not said. But every now and then I can’t resist or I suppose I should say; I don’t resist.

I was speaking the truth. She denied it. And the drama ensued. She tried to bully me and couldn’t handle it when I stood up to her. Then she decided to play the victim. But, I wasn’t buying it. And so she decided to hurl insults at me next. It was all quite dramatic.

At first, I admit that I was having some fun with it. That might sound mean, and it probably was, but all I really wanted to do was give her a taste of her own medicine and make her realize that she can’t push everyone around and that she’s not fooling anyone. I didn’t stoop to her level, but I didn’t disengage either.

Looking back at it now, if I had it to do over I probably would’ve just kept the initial comment to myself. Then the whole thing would have been avoided. Barring that, I should have just ignored her while she had her tantrum. It’s not news that she can be a drama queen. I just really hadn’t had it directed at me like that before. It was pretty shocking honestly. I mean, the sheer level of drama over something that was really nothing blew my mind.

I’m just leaving her be for now. I did ask God for forgiveness, for engaging in the first place, and then for essentially encouraging her behavior by not disengaging. I mean, I had no idea the lengths she would go to, the height that the drama would reach, but still, I know better…at least usually.

That was just one of the reasons last week was an odd one for me. What else happened? Well, a very good friend of mine, a long time friend, asked me if I had read 50 Shades of Gray. Apparently she has read all three books and was thinking of buying me the first one if I hadn’t read it yet. Um…yeah…no. I think I managed to talk her out wasting her money. Out of curiosity I had downloaded a sample of the first book awhile ago and could barely get through it due to the writing. The only regret I have about that is that if I had read it then it might open the door to conversations with my friend about the subject matter (though I'm not sure how I feel about talking about such things with her anyway). But, I just can’t bring myself to read any more of it. So, that’s probably that.

And there was one other rather odd thing that happened, but it’s probably something I shouldn’t share about here. Suffice it to say that it had to do with another old friend of mine. Okay, she’s not old, but I mean that we used to be good friends a long time ago. Then we fell out of contact for awhile, but we’ve been back in touch recently.  Anyway, I don't feel it's appropriate to share what it was about here, but she had a question for me that I wasn’t expecting.  It was another question that came out of the blue and kind of threw me for a loop.

At one point last week I was starting to wonder what was going to happen next, but that was it really, at least as far as odd occurrences go. So far this week is off to a good start. I’m ignoring the drama queen, so I’m not even sure if she’s finally gotten over it or if she’s still carrying on. I’m going to see the friend who asked about 50 Shades of Gray soon, so I guess I’ll see if it comes back up in conversation or not. If it does I’m not sure what I’ll say. I’ll play that by ear if and when the time comes I guess. As for my other friend, I kind of gave her a non-answer for now while I think more about her question. This week is a busy one and it really feels like summer is flying by, so I’m trying to enjoy what’s left of it…drama free, thank you very much!


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