A Red Bottom is a Happy Bottom

Yes, those are the exact words my husband spoke to me this past weekend, “a red bottom is a happy bottom.” Can you believe that? I bet you can imagine the incredulous look on my face! Unfortunately, when it came right down to it, I couldn’t really argue with him. Hmmph. No fair.

For the first time all summer Michael arrived home for the weekend on Friday night. The kids were gone. They were camping with their grandparents. So, it was just Michael and I until we left to go pick them up on Sunday. We really needed that time together! And I’m happy to report that it was wonderful! *happy sigh, birds singing, stars sparkling, fireworks going off, floating on cloud 9, etc.*

The weekend was really one of intimacy. There was no sense of urgency; we could just enjoy each other. And enjoy each other we did! There was kissing and cuddling and spanking and love making and all sorts of lovely time spent together. Michael commented several times how nice it was to just have me naked. With two kids around most of the time, I never stay unclothed for very long. Once upon a time I always slept in the buff, but once kids came along that really wasn’t convenient anymore. And though our kids are older now and I don’t generally have to worry about them needing me in the middle of the night, well, it does still happen from time to time for one reason or another. I’m just more comfortable sleeping with something on when the kids are home.

We talked a little about our dynamic over the weekend, but not that much really. We seem to be largely on the same page lately. Oh there are always things to tweak, areas we could both improve in, but for the most part we’re both comfortable with where we are right now. We did talk about how we need to be careful that the level of comfort doesn’t lead to complacency however. We’ve learned that can happen all too easily and then suddenly you find yourselves quite out of step with one another without even realizing it was happening.

That brings me to Michael’s comment. We were lying in bed naked and I don’t honestly remember if he had just spanked me or if he was going to spank me and I wanted to know why. His answer?  “A red bottom is a happy bottom.” He said it rather matter of factly and had a big smile on his face and though of course I gave him a hard time about it, we both ended up laughing. To understand our dynamic, you should know that he doesn’t really need a reason to spank me. He has blanket consent from me. He spanks me for many reasons…for punishment (though rarely), to reconnect, for stress relief, etc. Oh, and yes, sometimes he spanks me just because he wants to. I usually know the reason before he begins, but occasionally I’m unsure and I want to know why. His answer to me this past weekend pretty much sums up a lot of the reasons. It was a silly and cute way of saying that I’m happier and he’s happier if I’m well spanked. It just works for us. I’m not sure I can really explain it, but there it is.

And so, this weekend Michael made sure that my bottom was happy (as well as the rest of me) and his goal is to continue to do so. What more can a girl ask for?


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