What is it about social media?

Note: I’m going to talk specifically about Facebook because I’m the most familiar with it, but I think this could apply to most, if not all, forms of social media.  I did join Twitter recently.  The link is over there on the right.  ;)

I have one friend whose status is positive, encouraging and uplifting one minute and then upset, hurt and angry the next and then excited about something that’s happened or is coming up soon after that. I can hardly keep up with the emotional roller coaster and to be honest, I don’t really want to anyway.

Another friend of mine, a relative actually, posts two kinds of pictures to Facebook. Either she’s making that ducky face or she and her boyfriend are lip locked. She’s a beautiful young lady, but I wish she’d broaden the variety of pictures she posts. I will say though that her pictures are a lot better than the photos that another friend/relative of mine used to share, which bordered on soft porn. Thankfully he figured out that some people didn’t like that too much and stopped or maybe it’s just that he found a girlfriend.

I have a couple of friends who change their relationship status an awful lot. They go from “single” to “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” back to “single” again and then to “it’s complicated” again and so on and so forth. It makes me sad for them and thankful to be happily married!

Some of my friends on Facebook are constantly posting health and nutrition information. Some only post scripture and Christian things that they come across. Some of my friends post a lot of funny stuff. Well, at least they think it’s funny (and sometimes I do too). And a couple of my friends post a lot of political stuff. Some friends share recipes and others seem to think I need to be up to speed when it comes to their workout routine. And I do have friends who post about medical issues, pictures included. Personally, I could pass on the pics, thanks anyway.

As you may have guessed, I have a lot of friends on Facebook. Many I know in my offline world and then there are others that I only know online, having met one way or another. Honestly, I find it fascinating to see what my friends post, what they decide to share.

What about me? Like many of my Facebook friends, I post a variety of things. Yes, I know I just explained how some of my friends only post about this or that, but the reality is that most of them don’t have that narrow a focus. I admit that I share about the mundane sometimes, like what I’m making for dinner. Other times I share about something that’s going on, like a weekend get-away or a fun get together. Sometimes I brag about my kids or my husband. And I do post pictures of the kids or the dogs or of somewhere we’ve been or something we’ve seen and yes, even a selfie here and there (duck lips not included). Sometimes I share other things that I see on Facebook, like a quote or a pretty picture or an article of interest. Sometimes I’ll post about something medically related (but I leave the pics out) or something about homeschooling or education. Rarely will I post anything even remotely political. Occasionally I’ll come across something funny to share and when I share something from a Christian point of view I try not to come across as holier than thou or preachy. In fact, usually it’s something that I needed to be reminded of and hope that someone else will benefit from being reminded too.

I do wonder sometimes what my presence on social media, like Facebook, says about me. What would someone glean from it if they didn’t know me at all otherwise? Sometimes I’m quite surprised by what a friend posts. And sometimes I’m surprised at the reaction to something I post. There have been very few things that I’ve posted and then thought better of afterward and deleted, but there have been a few. But what about what remains? Is my presence on Facebook a lighthouse for the Lord? Am I allowing him to work through me in this area of social media? Are the things that I share and the way that I interact with others honoring him? Many of my Facebook friends are Christians, but many others aren’t.

What about you? If I was to look at your presence in social media, for instance your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, what would I glean from it? What would my overall impression of you be? Is that something you’ve thought about before? And if so, have you changed what you share because of it?


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