It had been months since I’d had a punishment spanking. Oh, I’d had plenty of spankings, but not for punishment. There have been some extra swats here and there, ones with a bit more oomph behind them, during other types of spankings to address attitude or behavior. But honestly neither of us could even remember the last time an actual punishment spanking had occurred. That would be a good thing, if it had been because I simply hadn’t done anything to earn one. But, though I’ve been pretty good, the reality is, he just didn’t want to give me one.

Neither of us likes punishment spankings. But, they do have a place in our dynamic and we talked about that. There’s something about the accountability that really helps both of us. I don’t necessarily think that it was a bad thing that we stepped back from punishment spankings for a little while actually. It’s not as if issues weren’t addressed at all, they were just handled differently. But, we both agreed that it was time for a change, time to reincorporate them into our dynamic.

And so that brings us to Saturday night when Michael decided it was high time to address some negative behavior and attitude that had occurred during the week while he was away, working. I had gotten upset with my husband. And I refused to listen to him. I had a bit of a meltdown and shut him out for a little while. And when he tried to talk to me, I refused to believe him. I’d already decided what he really meant and how he really felt. We did work through it, but needless to say he wasn’t happy and he let me know that it would be addressed when he was home.  I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that at the time (a few extra hard smacks during an otherwise less serious spanking, perhaps?), but I found out.

A punishment spanking for us is set apart from other types of spankings in a number of ways. For one thing the entire tone is different, still loving, but more serious. There is a certain position I’m put in that’s only used for punishment, straddling the corner of the bed…that is, lying face down on the bed with my legs hanging off, one on either side of the corner and my feet on the floor. And there’s a certain implement that’s only used for punishment, the wooden hairbrush. There’s no warm up and the smacks are hard and quick and sure to get my attention right from the get go. It’s also generally shorter than other types of spankings because of the level of intensity. There’s always a lecture beforehand, usually with him sitting on the bed and me kneeling on the floor between his feet. And then afterward Michael will comfort me for a few moments until I calm down a bit. Then comes corner time, which is a chance for me to reflect on everything. When corner time is over my husband will pull me onto the bed with him and envelope me. I generally try to snuggle into him as much as possible while he reassures me, talking to me with a calm and soothing, but confident voice about how much he loves me and how he doesn’t like to punish me and what he wants me to learn from the experience, etc. Other intimacies may follow at some point, but generally that’s not the case after a punishment spanking. More often, we both drift off to sleep cuddled up together.

And so, that’s how Saturday night went. I’d forgotten just how much punishment spankings hurt! They are a whole different breed of spanking as far as I’m concerned. I may enjoy some spankings, but never punishment spankings. And that’s because of the combination of the emotions surrounding it and the intensity. I tried my best to get out of it beforehand and then afterward I needed a lot of reassurance. Thankfully, Michael was there for me every step of the way. He’s assured me that punishment spankings have made a return to our dynamic and to expect broken rules and bad behavior to be dealt with accordingly. While overall I agree with him that it’s something we’ll both benefit from at this point, my bottom does not agree.  Ouch!


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