Did you know? - Kissing Facts

So, how many facts do you know about kissing?  Want to find out?  Then head to Strange Facts About Kissing and check out the countdown from...

#15: Did you know that open-mouth kissing allows for the transfer of hormones from a man to a woman? Mucus membranes in the mouth are permeable to hormones like testosterone, which a man can introduce into a woman's mouth through kissing. The testosterone then increases arousal in the woman, which leads to higher chances of sex!


#1: Did you know that kissing creates feel-good chemicals in our bodies that help us feel relaxed? Research shows that kissing increases levels of oxytocin in our bodies, which is a natural calming chemical, and increases endorphins. Dopamine levels can also increase, leading to happy feelings of romantic attachment.

...and all the facts in between.  Some of the facts seem pretty obvious, others are more interesting.

In our marriage, Michael is most often the one to initiate long kissing sessions.  I sometimes get a bit shy about kissing.  I mean, I like to kiss, but I would probably stop after a few kisses where he takes it to a different level.  It's quite wonderful I must say, especially because he's a very good kisser!

So, how many kissing facts did you know?  Any that particularly interested you?  Is there a lot of kissing going on in your relationship?  Are they usually quick pecks or extended kissing sessions or maybe something in between?

Hmmm, I find myself wishing that Michael was home so that I could go give him a kiss right now.  I guess the kids will have to do!  lol


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